I could imagine this is true but they’re not helping themselves

Multiple studies show the company’s dumping practices have resulted in widespread contamination of natural watercourses that contain unsafe levels of heavy metals such as chloride, barium, hexavalent chromium, cadmium and lead.

Given that chloride ain’t an element, ain’t a metal and ain’t heavy (nor even my brother) they’re not managing to make it clear that they know what they’re talking about.

I’m also not sure why oil drilling, however carelessly done, should lead to such pollution anyway. They’re not particularly known as components of crude are they?

9 thoughts on “I could imagine this is true but they’re not helping themselves”

  1. My 8 year old nerdish self knew much more about science than the average Guardian journalist today. A recent report on the shift from E5 to E10 fuel as standard had the interesting claim that bioethanol contains no carbon. Like “fascist” before, “carbon” has lost any meaning other then “something I don’t like”.

  2. Reminds me of the complaint I saw claiming that the Yanks had contaminated Fallujah with enriched uranium. Since they didn’t nuke the place, this was obviously untrue.

    But the woke get away with so much these days that they don’t even bother to make their lies plausible.

  3. A Brexit Party candidate, who used to be in the oil business, was accused by a self-appointed ‘investigator’ of being involved in allowing hydraulic acid to leak into the environment.

  4. Some crude does contain nasty stuff such as heavy metals. God knows about the “chloride”: maybe there’s brine involved.

  5. I should add that it’s perfectly common to get salty water in crude: that’s why refineries have a desalter for treating the crude before they do anything else with it.

  6. Nothing changes, some years ago I complained to the BBC because they published an article suggesting some sludge being dispersed into rivers was toxic, because it contained titanium dioxide and silica.

    When I pointed out these are both commonly found in toothpaste I actually managed to get an apology and the story was taken down.

  7. It is barium sulphate that is used in the oil industry as drilling mud. Barium sulphate is a non-toxic, non water soluble compound of barium metal.

    It has been used for about 100 years in radiology for examination of the gastro-intestinal tract (barium meals, barium enemas) as a positive contrast agent precisely because of its non-toxicity and non-metabolism in the body.

    If found in water courses it is not harmful.

  8. @Noel C

    Well done. My complaint to BBC about a Docu on medieval alcohol making saying “Ethanol can cause blindness or death, while Methanol is safe to drink” was rejected as “doesn’t matter we were wrong”

    @John B

    +1 on Barium

  9. Re: Boganboy

    “Reminds me of the complaint I saw claiming that the Yanks had contaminated Fallujah with enriched uranium. ”

    They’re complaining about the depleted uranium thats used in tank shells. Its heavy but soft and it squishes on the outside of enemy tanks transferring its kinetic energy into heat which boils the enemy tanks contents ie the crew.

    There’s lots of background talk on the net that this depleted uranium is the root cause of Gulf War syndrome affecting vets, but I dont know for sure.

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