I would love to say that with my forty years of experience as an accountant and economist that I can reduce this uncertainty.

Anyone care to point to Spudda’s qualifications as an economist? Even ability without qualifications?

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  1. Why would any accountant claim that their training allows them to comment on risk management? They have no more knowledge than anyone who has done basic statistics and probability.

  2. Dennis, He Who Has A Degree In Economics

    Why would any accountant claim that their training allows them to comment on risk management?

    Why would any accountant claim to have invented country by country reporting, especially when it is clear to everyone that he hasn’t?

    Why would any accountant claim to have re-invented economics, especially when it is clear he doesn’t have a grasp of basic economic theory?

    Why would any accountant make any of the outlandish claims Spud makes on a daily basis?

    Why? Because he’s a failure living in a fantasy world.

    On this side of the pond one need only glance at the antics of some of the more prominent Never Trumpers – Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson, Max Boot, etc. – to see the exact same thing that’s going on with Spud: Middle-aged men who have failed in their chosen careers and simply cannot face up to that very basic fact. If Spud was capable of accountancy to the point where people would actually pay him for his services, he’d be doing it. He can’t, so he isn’t… which leads us to everything he’s doing today.

  3. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    So if you work for 40 years as an accountant you can afford a terraced house in Ely?

    If you work 40 years as a half-assed accountant, yes, you can afford a terraced house in Ely. If you’re any good, you get something more.

  4. OT: another victory for socialism – Venezuela’s one and only comms satellite is now in the wrong orbit after what looks like botched housekeeping burns about 10 days ago. It’s drifting along the equator so will eventually go below the horizon for their tracking station.

  5. “Many of us are facing enforced time at home, with too much Netflix for company. My suggestion is that anyone with responsibility for a business should use at least some of this time to think about their plans to reopening their activities when this crisis is over. ”

    Straight from the lips of the Sage of Ely…

    The man is even claiming the bleeding obvious as his own Enlightened Inspiration.

  6. I don’t listen to the BBC but was told they had an Economist on this afternoon to say that if UK production drops by more than 6% that will kill more people than whatever coro death estimate he was using.

    Doubtless EUBBC just trying to have a go at Blojo–but it still has more truth than 99% of BBC bullshit.

    Trump wants it over by Easter and he is wise to do so. Let us hope Johnson has the nous to actually imitate him as all the leftists claim he does.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    Dennis – I imagine that the Gods would be able to afford the very best so you must be on a lucrative gig but why as a matter of interest would they need an accountant in the first place?

  8. Dennis, Odin's Tax Collector

    Dennis – I imagine that the Gods would be able to afford the very best so you must be on a lucrative gig but why as a matter of interest would they need an accountant in the first place?

    Valhalla doesn’t pay for itself, ya know.

  9. Having panicked everyone into a dystopian lock down they are now going to turn around and complain that it’s all too much and why were leaders so stupid as to do this in the first place and look at all the damage caused.
    Next 12 months are going to be about how govt screwed up everyone’s lives with nary a mention of lives saved.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    I was reading something, Speccie I think, about how easy it is to get in to these lock downs but more difficult to get out and the further in you go the harder to get out. The French are stuffed.

    For all his fault I think Boris knows this and has been fighting against everyone’s demands for ever more extreme measures.

  11. Will the UK’s inevitable Mother of All Public Inquiries (MAPI) report before the next pandemic arrives?

  12. Funny how Trump and Boris who the press have labelled as literally reincarnations of Hitler have shown restraint and reluctance to use the crisis to extend their powers, but Trudeau had to be reined in by the opposition for trying to slip through extra powers for his minority govt that would have allowed it to by pass parliament on some issues for nearly 2 years

  13. It’s not difficult for a politician. Death’s from coronavirus are very visible: “This 29yo nurse and mother of four died because Boris thought money was more important”*; whereas deaths from an economic downturn are just as real, but effectively invisible.

    * actual Guardian headline (probably)

  14. PCar,

    The italian numbers may have something to do with that part being:

    a)full of old people to begin with.
    b)a very popular winter holiday destination.
    c)not locked down and tourists either told to GTFO or locked up with the residents as soon as the first couple of cases were confirmed.
    d) business went on As Usual for toolong, Because Tourist Income.
    e) All of the Above.

    As far as I can tell, Italy has the same “80% Old-People-who’d-been-done-in-by-a-Sniffle-anyway, 19% Underlying Condition Cases, and 1% actual Corona cases” death distribution as anywhere else.
    They simply have more OLD people… Must be that Mediterranean Diet….

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    Ref Italy: More inter-generational households. How many of us didn’t go to see granny when we weren’t well? Not much choice there, plus more likely to infect them when at the pre-symptom stage.

  16. Italian ’cause of death’ records the last thing to hit rather than the long term problem? Compare with the German figures which seem to do the opposite.

    And another thing, looking at cases and numbers recovered
    World and at UK

    UK figures for ‘number recovered’ are very low, so what is the definition of ‘recovered’ used here and elsewhere?

  17. Don’t forget the Mayor of Florence’s marvelous “hug a Chinese tourist” virtue signalling campaign as the crisis was breaking.

  18. Italy really isn’t that much of an outlier in age distribution. It’s enough to account for a few (under 10%, i’d say) percent more deaths, but there appears to be an order of magnitude difference. Ditto healthcare systems – I’d be prepared to believe (with no evidence) that Italy hasn’t got the best healthcare in Europe, but again it’s not that bad.

    So either cases or deaths (or both) are being recorded very differently than in most other countries.

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