Interesting difference, isn’t it?

Mortgage payments will be suspended across Italy as part of measures to soften the economic blow of coronavirus on households, a minister has said.

Laura Castelli, Italy’s deputy economy minister, told Radio Anch’io: “Yes, that will be the case, for individuals and households.”

Ritchie, of course, said it should be rent, thereby screwing landlords.

20 thoughts on “Interesting difference, isn’t it?”

  1. ‘Mortgage payments will be suspended across Italy as part of measures to soften the economic blow’

    A blow job. Money flowing into the mortgage company will stop, causing serious economic blow.

    Government picking who gets hurt.

  2. The worlds shite-useless socialistic state weasels have run up a debt mountain that will bring everybody down and are now pissing about with this non-disease in such a manner as to actually bring the bloody lot down. These fucks really do think money grows on trees.

    I want a job as public hangman for all of them. Tell me they don’t deserve it.

  3. Mr Ecks,
    If you hate debt mountains, then do you hate Trump?
    Trump has massively increased the debt mountain. Socialists do not want to increase the debt mountain. The decision to increase debts can be done by left or right wingers. Look at Trump.

    Is it just left wingers you want to hang?
    Or do you want to hang right wingers who increased the debt mountain like Trump, and Johnson?

    Trump is the one who is failing to act on the debt mountain.
    Johnson is in power here, not the left.,
    Surely you need a strong government to deal with outbreaks like this. Otherwise who would stop the virus spreading?
    Incitement to murder and assassination is evil.
    I tell you that killing people because they disagree with you, is evil. You are no different to a serial killer.
    How old does someone need to be before you would have them executed for disagreeing with you?

  4. “Trump has massively increased the debt mountain.”

    Citation needed.

    “Surely you need a strong government to deal with outbreaks like this.”

    What a dumbass! Seasonal flu is 10X more dangerous. You just want a strong government!

  5. News – Huawei

    – Johnson faces Tory revolt over Huawei, Duncan Smith compares China to Nazi Germany

    – Boris Johnson facing Commons revolt on Huawei: UK has leadership role, many countries look to us

    – Boris Johnson suffers embarrassing Huawei 5G revolt but survives vote, majority slashed to 24 votes

    imo there is more than enough evidence to block using Huawei; 5G is not urgent, it’s an upgrade not new invention, roll out later is more sensible

    – Calling all migrants “refugees” is a lie. MEPs clash over Greek/Turkey migrant crisis

    Well said Estonia’s MEP Jaak Madison

  6. Italy’s chaotic lockdown proves that draconian pandemic measures don’t work in the West Italy Incompetent; Ross Clark, 10 March 2020 • 1:00pm

    here’s quarantine and then there’s quarantena – the Italian version . “I am going to sign a decree that can be summarised as follows: I stay at home,” Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte told the nation yesterday. “Travel must be avoided across the entire peninsula unless it is justified by professional reasons, by cases of need or for health reasons.” And how did Italians react? By rushing out and crowding together in the country’s supermarkets – ignoring, it appears from many photographs, the three-foot personal cordon sanitaire they had been ordered to observe.

    It didn’t seem to occur to the Italian authorities, in extending the quarantine zone to the entire country, that people would need to eat – with the result they all rushed out in a mass shopathon. As for not travelling, Italians have tweeted that not only are airports fully operational, budget airlines have been enticing passengers with special offers. Buses and trains continue to run.
    True, there is also footage of a police car driving down a street in Naples warning everyone to remain indoors and there are lots of photographs of an empty St Mark’s Square. But Italy is not China, and it shows. A “lockdown” in Hubei province is not the same as one in Naples. In Hubei, residents really did retreat into isolation, with food parcels delivered to their doors. Public transport ceased, and the streets were put into what is essentially martial law.
    It is a world away from the less-absolute and rather haphazard measures of Italy – and indeed the sort of measures we are likely to have imposed in Britain and other liberal democracies. Towns in the north of Italy have supposedly been in quarantine for days, yet there have been reports of people continuing to converge in bars and parks.
    Whether streets and cafes will remain empty for long is another matter. My guess is that Italians will soon get bored of their apartments and that the Polizia won’t be doing an awful lot to stop them when they do start drifting back into the open, hugging, kissing and generally carrying on being Italians.
    The difficulty of maintaining quarantine conditions for long is why our own government is reluctant to act too soon. If it does have to start closing pubs, imposing bans on gatherings and ordering people to stay indoors, it wants that period to be a short as possible, and to coincide with the peak danger.
    All of which begs the question: are liberal democracies really capable of stopping a disease like coronavirus in its tracks? Isolation certainly seems to be working in China where new infections – which were running at 3000 a day in early February – have slumped to just 45 yesterday. Assuming that Chinese reports to the World Health Organisation can be trusted, it is a story of huge medical success – albeit bought at considerable economic cost. In Italy, however, there is scant sign of the virus abating yet. In the past five days the number of new infections has run as follows: “587, 769, 778, 1247, 1492.”
    There is a long way to go until Italy’s cumulative total of 7375 cases gets any near China’s total of 142,823, but it is worth asking now: what will it mean for the world if it ends up with Italy – or another Western country – being the worst-affected country, while China is judged successfully to have tackled it? It will not be a great moment for liberal democracy. I doubt it would lead to many westerners yearning for a Chinese-style society, with its strict control of the population.
    But it will have serious repercussions for the promotion of liberal democracy in China and perhaps in many other countries which come under the influence of both China and the West, and which could potentially go in either direction. Whether we like it or not, the message of coronavirus – in the event of it ultimately afflicting the west more than China – would be that freedom is unhealthy, freedom kills

    “freedom is unhealthy, freedom kills” – there speaks a totalitarian

  7. Barry Bailey said:
    “Mr Ecks … Is it just left wingers you want to hang?”

    He’ll be back to answer for himself at some point, but I think it’s pretty much all politicians he wants to hang. He doesn’t discriminate.

  8. I think Mr Ecks travels around the country in a converted campervan that opens out to turn into a mobile gibbet, always ready to hang multiple politicians wherever he may be.

    Or perhaps it could be an ice cream van with an electric chair inside – “Stop me and Fry one”?

  9. Richard T –It would be nice–perhaps there is time yet.

    Bailey–Trump is not right-wing nor a free marketer. He is better than the leftist shite opposing him only.

    Blojo is BluLabour trash who saw his chance with Brexit and took it. In all other respects he is the same sewage as Camoron, Treason May (EU Agent), Bliar and Broon before him. Corporate socialist scum and stooges of Marxist eco-freakery.

    You can have whatever fucking stupid ideas you want–and you do numbnuts.

    But when the fuckwitted antics of scum who have lied and bullshitted themselves into “power” do great harm–past time for retaliation.

    You should have your neck stretched just for being the dumb cluck you are.

  10. Barry Bailey

    ‘Socialists do not want to increase the debt mountain.’

    You read the manifestoes of Jeremy Corbin and Bernie Sanders which would have borrowed to the tune of many millions of Trillions of pounds? The Green New Deal monetises hyperinflation on the grounds that it’s ‘merely an accounting trick’

    I agree Trump and Johnson have been less than prudent with the Finances but the Left would have been even more profligate.

  11. “in the past five days the number of new infections has run as follows: “587, 769, 778, 1247, 1492.” There is a long way to go until Italy’s cumulative total of 7375 cases gets any near China’s total of 142,823”

    By my reckoning (I’m not an expert), exponentially at that rate, less 25 days. Nah, I don’t believe it anyway.

  12. A thought about Richie occurred as I was shaving this morning: he clearly doesn’t understand the difference between capital and revenue. How does a landlord extend their credit on their assets to cover absence of income from those assets?
    * Hello bank, I’d like to increase my mortgage.
    * Why do you need more money?
    * Because my tenants aren’t paying me anything.
    * How will you make the increased payments?
    * I’ll use the money you lend me.

    He clearly wants landlords to go bust, and their tenants to consequently be chucked out on the street. Why does he so hate tenants?

  13. djc: exponential yes, but the exponential-ism seems to be dropping. The increase has been x1.5 each day, but the last is x1.4 so if that trend continuous the increase in the increase will turn to a decrease in the increase, which will eventually plataue. As people either die or get better that decrease in the increase will turn into a decrease in the cases.

    The change in the increase is also dropping, it started at x1.3, the last figure is x1.2, if that trend continues the increase in cases will decrease. We don’t have enough data yet.

  14. jgh: He clearly wants landlords to go bust, and their tenants to consequently be chucked out on the street. Why does he so hate tenants?

    He has an intense loathing for most things other than himself, money and model railways. Probably top of the hate list is “Rent” in any form he chooses to define it which means that landlords (just look at that word: lords, lording it over land – pah!) must be pulverised.

    A benevolent state then moves in to appropriate the property and the tenants remain in place singing hosannas in gratitude for having been saved from the class enemy.

  15. Mortgage payments will be suspended

    So if they are suspended that will still have to be repaid. Haven’t seen how Spud proposes that tenants repay any suspended rent – he’ll either say they should be forgiven the payments (fuck you, landlords) or there should be renters QE to make up the shortfall. Paid for by a tax on landlords, capitalists and people who drive bigger cars that Ritchie.

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