It’s coronavirus QE now

Oh, and we should screw every landlord in the country too.

But that is not to say that there are no costs to an epidemic: clearly there are. In that case the question has to be asked as to who should bear that cost. There are three groups who should.

Firstly, landlords should. I have already suggested that should the epidemic spread then as a matter of statutory right any tenant should be provided with a minimum three-month rent-free period to ease the stress upon them whilst this crisis last. I would suggest that the grant of that extension should be automatic to anyone who does not make a due payment of rent on the required date during the period of the epidemic. They should be automatically granted this extension by the landlord without having to make any further application or to complete any additional paperwork.

I stress that the cost of this will fall directly upon the landlords in question.

It’s amazing how Ely Sageism makes things worse, isn’t it?

I will accept the current view that at periods over the next six months many, if not most, people UK will get this virus and that at any point in time up to 20% of the working population will be off sick, self-isolating, or caring for members of their family.

Hmm. Average sick days is about a week per person per year. We’re talking about – perhaps – a doubling of that. Covered, largely, by extant sick pay arrangements.

So, why the need to screw every landlord?

Which is why we are indeed in favour of cakeism and not Sageism.

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  1. 2 possibilities immediately spring to mind –

    the ex-prof is not an owner-occupier but renting his property and is, moreover, feeling a bit Tom, or
    the ex-prof has fallen out with someone who owns a bunch of buy-to-let properties and is giving vent to his normal vindictiveness

  2. He’s a fucking maniac. He wants to use a public health disaster as a means of wealth redistribution.

    On the one hand he’s saying that CQE can help in the short term , but obviously not for paying people’s rents, because in that instance, one of his hated demographics have to be made to suffer.

    He is a truly evil moron

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Talk about perverse incentives. Fancy a 3 month rent holiday, self identify with Corona virus, and then pass it round the family.

  4. Why limit it to Coronavirus? Anyone should be able to present a sick note for any illness to their landlord or mortgage lender, so that they don’t have to pay during the period of illness. Rent isn’t the only outgoing though: Tesco should also accept sick notes in lieu of payment for groceries. Also, if you’re home sick you’ll have the heating and TV on, so energy companies shouldn’t charge on sick days.

    I propose a grand government body to manage all of this, the Office for Statutory Pay and Urgent Demands (OFSPUD); with me as chief exec.
    – Murphy

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Under Elynomics, landlords sit lowering like dragons crouched on hoards of gold and precious stones with whisps of sulperous vapour and the odd dart of flame emanating from their insalubrious rent-seeking muzzles. They definitely don’t have mortgages which need to be serviced.

  6. Will the bank let me off my mortgage for three months?
    Come to think of it, my local off-licence could give me free booze for three months too.

  7. I was frequently condemned by the departed Arnald for describing Murphy as one of the most evil men in the UK, if not the world – need I present any more evidence? What kind of person uses the prospect of an epidemic to push his own Statist politics?

    I could not have put it so well.
    It seems a common misconception amongst “certain groups” that all of us landlords have magicked houses out of thin air, haven’t had to invest our own savings in them, haven’t had to invest our own money on maintaining them, etc, etc. And for good measure, we don’t really need any income from rent, after all, we’ve nothing invested in these properties, have no bills to pay, etc, etc.
    No, back to thinking about how to approach a tenant with a “everyone says you’re a lovely lady, I’m very happy with you as a tenant, but I can’t allow your boyfriend (who isn’t on the tenancy and isn’t Right to Rent checked) to p**s off the neighbours and kick doors in because he locked himself out” sort of conversation 🙁

  9. Playing around with numbers, 2% seems to be an average mortality rate for flu. Flu epidemics have happened in recent history, without bringing about the end of the world as we know it. Just say for argument sake that everyone in the world gets COVID-19. Some of them are going to be old farts like me, the vulnerable, who are not part of the working population. Another vulnerable group is infants who are not normally part of the working population either. Given that Tim’s gift is to turn the numbers upside down and reduce them ad absurdum, why is he accepting the panic propaganda at face value? Anyway if I’m still around in three months we can have a good chuckle.

  10. Going back to that 2%. How is that number calculated? Presumably 2% of those who present themselves at a point where statistics are captured, and who are diagnosed as having flu. Not 2% of the entire population. There is some large chunk of the population who are exposed to flu who never “get” it. The panic is hugely overstated.

  11. What an utterly repellant fucking cunt the man is.

    Envy, hatred, vindictiveness, and these are his good qualities.

    I wonder if the rent burden Murphy is seeking to avoid here is the ex Mrs Murphy? Maybe he’s funding her accommodation under a tenancy.

  12. Dennis, He Of The Gently Sloping Forehead

    You know, none of this would be happening if he had a real job and a woman willing to have sex with him.

  13. Southerner, not an expert but this is my take on it.

    Spanish flu apparently had about a 2.5% death rate of those infected. Most flu has a far lower mortality rate than that. This new thing has a mortality rate which the WHO put at 3.5% so far last night.

    This isn’t flu. It’s a coronavirus and causes SARS. Compared to the first SARS virus it seems less lethal and seems to transmit more easily but there are lots of open questions, because it’s novel.

    The hospitalisation rate is concerning (about 40% in Italy, maybe they’re being over-cautious, maybe cases are massively more widespread and we’re only seeing the ones bad enough to get diagnosed), and good healthcare does seem to be important to outcomes. So it could easily overwhelm health services. It also seems to be more contagious than flu, and people can be contagious for quite a while before showing symptoms. Will the Envy of the World cope?

    I think we should have done a better job of looking after the public finances so we have more options for dealing with unforseen things like this.

  14. Gov’t has announced SSP from Day 1 (temporarily) instead of 4 to reduce risk of infected struggling into work

    Seems sensible, Left not happy: SSP too low. Hmm, it’s ~25% higher than ESA/UC

    One benefit of Ritchie is he provides a long “What not to do” list

    UK No longer the sick man of Europe

    The Office for National Statistics said the average number of sick days taken by UK workers fell to 4.1 days in 2017, a sharp decline from the 7.2 days recorded in 1993 when the data was first collected.

    NHS workers are taking an average of 14 days off sick every year

    The sickness absence rate is 1.7% in the private sector and 2.6% in the public sector

    Bulgarian workers were found most likely to call in sick among all other countries in Europe, taking an average of 22 days sick days in a year. Workers in Germany didn’t fare much better, taking 18.3 days off while those in the Czech Republic were similar 15.4 days

    France average private sector employee taking 18 days per year

    @Andrew M



    +1 Also not in stats are those who have flu and know Dr can’t help, thus don’t call him. Instead they sleep and sweat it out


    ” none of this would be happening if he had” – Ritchie Created CV19? More evil than I thought

  15. There is likely to be severe dislocation and a
    Recession on the back of ‘COVID ‘19 – fortunately unlike a certain historical figure from the 1920s Murphy is one of the most inept orators I have ever seen and can start an argument in a phone box – so the risk he poses is minimal. Indeed given the age profile of COVID victims this may be driven by a self- preservation instinct

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Spanish flu apparently had about a 2.5% death rate of those infected.”

    I’m not sure that Spanish Flu is a good comparison. We’re all healthier, better informed, we’ve access to better health care, but we do have a lot more over 60s.

    If the uncorrected comparison shows Corona virus being about 2x as lethal in practice it’s likely to be a lot more than that.

  17. Almost 3 months into the pandemic to end the world, there have been 9 deaths in the U.S.

    Count ’em: 9.

    All in Seattle. All with existing other conditions.

    The world’s reaction is reasonable. Even though it appears hysterical. People are aware; people are taking action.

    Murphy, riding the hysteria wave, wants to take draconian action. Of course, he always wants to take draconian action. He doesn’t care about coronavirus, it’s just a tool to get people to accept his extreme position.

  18. @Andrew M – “OFSPUD”, very good sir!

    You know, none of this would be happening if he had a real job and a woman willing to have sex with him.

    I actually think it is better that Spud spouts bile into the ether, rather than going into an office where real people will have to talk to him. Never mind another woman having to tolerate the horror of his touch.

    Coronavirus is the same type of thing as a cold, or SARS, rather than flu. People compare with flu because a cold doesn’t sound dramatic enough and no-one outside of China remembers SARS.

  19. Reading Spud’s comment, I initially thought he was talking about commercial landlords. Some of these in China are offering rental holidays. No-one wants their tenants to go bust after all. 3 months would be a push though.

    His malice toward the residential landlord doesn’t surprise me at all. You can see plenty of jealous bile about them under any online story about the housing market. Usually from people who also refuse to accept that immigration or the planning process have an effect on house prices.

  20. Slightly OT, but re the above comments about Covid-19… If it actually is a “less lethal” form of SARS, it’s worth remembering that the great SARS epidemic that was forecast to kill tens of millions of people worldwide actually killed 774.

  21. This introduces an interesting moral hazard that would hurt the best landlords most. In this plan, landlords who provide fair and reasonable contracts and support for tenants are to be punished exactly the same as those who squeeze for every penny. Once government starts to treat everyone as the latter, it ceases to be financially viable to be anything other than that. Congratulations on the worst possible outcome.

    I suspect this stems from a faulty thinking that everyone involved in any business or financial venture is entirely selfishly motivated by money alone and does not care in any way for other human beings. To think this way requires a “cover the table legs, I’m getting excited” puritan type of mindset… which tells us rather too much about what is really going on in their head.

  22. @Grendel March 5, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    Spot on. Same as councils/Gov’t “clamping down” on “rogue” landlords. Once bottom feeders gone, no incentive to offer more than minimum standards, but at a higher price.

    I rented a small (8’x7′) room in a house in London in 1989; very cheap (£90pm + bills) yet adequate. House had kitchen (cooker, washing machine, fridge, freezer), living room, bath, shower, CH, garden, drive, garage. Allowed me save to buy.

    At uni, a GF rented 8×6 ‘box room’ (no windows) in shared flat

    Illegal to rent now – too small, thanks BluLab

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