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It’s great, innit?

If only the government had both guaranteed their incomes and food and other essential supplies through a rationing programme then this would not be happening.

As I have also explained, rent holidays, statutory mortgage and other bank loan holidays, tax payment holidays, and even utility bill payments would also all guarantee people the security that they need at this point of time, albeit that they might, as a result, need less income to maintain themselves, which is a proposal that I have also made.

Food must be rationed and not by price. But rents, mortgages, utilities, must not be rationed at all by abandoning rationing by price.

39 thoughts on “It’s great, innit?”

  1. May be a stupid question but here goes: If someone who has had and recovered from CV19 gave a blood transfusion to an as yet uninfected person, would the recipient of the blood then have antibodies and immunity?

  2. Dennis, Whose Own Mental Health Is Never In Doubt

    He really has gone over the edge.

    “I am Sir Oracle, And when I ope my lips, let no dog bark!”

    (Although, unlike Antonio, no one has ever accused of Spud keeping is mouth shut in an attempt to come across as smart.)

  3. Dennis, Big Game Hunter-Gatherer

    I don’t want to brag, but I’ve got a stash of Andrex washlets.

    That’s nothing. I built my own bidet using nothing more than a fire hydrant coupling, 100 feet of garden hose and a pressure wand. Haven’t tested it yet, though.

  4. Dennis, be careful you don’t blow your bum hole wide open…

    I have 6 full rolls, If I’m not traveling I only defecate at home. When I run out of loo paper, how difficult is it to step into the shower, squat and have a nice relaxing minute or two with a shower head?

    Sometimes I do wonder how you survived the Blitz and we survived the Winter War…

  5. When I run out of loo paper, how difficult is it to step into the shower, squat and have a nice relaxing minute or two with a shower head?

    Last time I did that I ended up in Casualty making excuses nobody believed.

  6. “Sometimes I do wonder how you survived the Blitz”

    newspapers were torn into toilet tissue sized pieces and threaded on a string, so my mum tells me.

    Not sure if you got printers ink on your bum cheeks though.

  7. “As I have also explained”…”a proposal I have also made”. He really does think that all the great and the good are reading him devotedly and desperate for the latest edict from His Spudliness.

  8. Interesting read, liked the point about schools providing social services like free school meals, this is the sort of important detail that gets lost in the bigger arguments, but is actually important to consider.
    I’m wondering how sustainable this current lockdown situation is, governments are talking months which seems crazy, downtown here is like a scene from a post apocalyptic movie, no one around, everything closed, hardly any traffic

  9. Jussi
    March 20, 2020 at 1:31 pm



    Blood plasma from recovered patients shows great promise for treatment of new patients. Your “No” may be somewhat correct, as the question was “blood transfusion,” not blood plasma, but I say “no” to your “no.”

  10. BiND, I agree, hard to fault the process. Stupid ignorant people in social media + MSM hacks and whores, they seem to have no idea about timing – if we knew about those two cases in December why didn’t we close the border early January? These same ignorant fucks were calling Boris a fascist and probably still are. Well, who’s the fascist now? Your fucking frog Macron or liberal wet-tory Johnson? At least here I don’t have to fill a fucking form if I want to go outside.

  11. “newspapers were torn into toilet tissue sized pieces and threaded on a string, so my mum tells me.”

    Reminds of that joke that starts with two old fogies encountering each other in the pub and ends with “shame about the titanic”.

  12. Jack the dog said:
    “Reminds of that joke that starts with two old fogies encountering each other in the pub and ends with “shame about the titanic”.”

    I thought that was the conversation in the dentist’s waiting room, as they looked through the somewhat out of date selection of magazines.

  13. Gamecock, you say plasma, I say blood, let’s call the whole thing off.

    Plasma transfusions! Get Boris on the blower! We need thicker tubes, ain’t plasma thicker than blood?

  14. jgh, it’s complicated because some nations can have a very long memory but some have a very short memory. Say Frogs against Huns. Pussies as Frogs are they seem to be OK to deal with Huns ie short memory. Russkies were never on MY side and I have a long memory. Then again, Putin seems like a nice chap, very measured and not to rush into the latest fad (climate change, trans), but Hungary and Poland seem to know better than EU in general where the real enemy lies (Russia, RoP). Complicated.

  15. BBC has an article on ‘has America ever been so humbled’ that I thought was the most condescending, narsasistic revelling in others distress until I read the one about elderly parents who want to carry on as normal and socialise, a group of Middle Aged areseholes whining about having to be disciplinarians to their own parents and how old people are too stupid to understand the situation and don’t know enough about social media to follow it properly
    Just when you think the media has hit a low they find an even deeper level of shit to revel in

  16. @Jussi

    Sometimes I do wonder if UK now would survive the Blitz

    Mrs Gove thinks not and I agree – peeps selfish as Left have indoctrinated them with “Gov responsible for everything”
    Panic buyers display the unthinking cruelty of those who care only for themselves

    How to identify the selfish shelf-clearing food hoarders:
    – Next week their “Food Waste” bins will be overflowing

    @Andrew C

    Bum ink – if you can’t see it, it doesn’t matter

  17. May be a stupid question but here goes: If someone who has had and recovered from CV19 gave a blood transfusion to an as yet uninfected person, would the recipient of the blood then have antibodies and immunity?

    Umm no, and that may even have an adverse effect.

    Thing is that your immune system recognises “foreign bodies” at the protein level, and tends to recognise what it has made, and what it has not made.
    The proteins that make up the Flagging System are…quite large and complex.. and do have bits in them that identify them as “yours”.
    If you introduce a lot of those proteins that are tagged as “not-yours” , a healthy body will happily treat them as invaders and make its own antibodies against that foreign protein. Which is what you really don’t want, because the recognition method is ….a bit haphazard… and there’s no telling exactly which part of the protein gets tagged.
    Which is a bit of a bummer if that part happens to be the bit that recognises CoV-19… Because then you’ve just auto-immunised yourself against any antibodies you might make against CoV-19 in response to an actual infection later down the road…
    Congratulations, you’ve just entered the Risk Group while trying to avoid it…. And quite probably guaranteed yourself becoming a Statistic.

    You only need a small amount of virus particles to let your own defenses kick in and deal with it. You need a significant amount of foreign antibodies to achieve the same effect, with the chance of adverse auto-immune reactions increasing with the amount used.
    This is why we inoculate, and only use antibodies when it’s absolutely necessary. ( think antivenom, which has its known risks and complications that are well documented..).

    And why people are stampeding to try and find a way to either raise a weakened virus ( not much chance, as it’s a cousin of the common cold, which we still haven’t got a cure, or inoculation for…) , or break down the virus and find exactly which identifyable bit causes an immune reaction, and produce that in bulk. ( First stage weeks to months. Scaling up a lab process…wellll… Plenty people here other than me that can explain why this isn’t exactly a walk in the park..)

    And speaking of the Common Cold… There’s a decent chance that if you’ve had a common cold in the past year, caused by the “bog-standard” human Corona varieties, you are in fact already ( partially) immunised.
    Given that CoV-19 can’t be that different from the usual variety, because otherwise it simply wouldn’t be able to infect us, there’s a fair chance that any cold you’ve had resulted in Tags for the bits that are the same as the ordinary Common Cold.
    Which would go a long way to explain the atypical infection group in age range and vulnerability, and the all-or-nothing effect when the virus actually takes hold.

  18. 3 Days ago:

    To delay the spread of coronavirus, the government has instructed some businesses and venues including all pubs, bars and restaurants to close from tonight
    “The following businesses and venues have been asked to close

    If needed, the government will enforce these measures by law”

    They can continue to trade as Takeaways. Costa went takeaways only today

    80% of pay from Gov and VAT payments suspended – very generous

    They’re doing a lot and being very pragmatic, not bureaucratic – I imagine Sir Humphries are apoplectic about MOTs

  19. In other news, pubs etc, so called hospitality sector, closed. Judging by the moaning it must the most precious sector in this country. Most of the smaller brewers are fucking marxists, the head of CAMRA, Protz, is a Marxist cunt. Most of them wear those silly hair buns, fucking suspect that is. Now they are all moaning. Hypocrites! Stick to totalitarian principles!

  20. @Pcar – anyone playing party politics in this, NHS workers included, is a full-bore cunt.

    @BniC – I can only really comment on the UK media but their behaviour, as much as I’ve seen of it, has been utterly disgraceful and despicable. Fear-mongering, undermining government attempts to deal with the crisis, printing confusing information and general hysteria.

  21. Pcar, exactly. And you could give NHS £5 TRILLION a year and it would not be enough, they would spend it on trans therapy, youth mental health seminars, middle to top management bureaucracy. Instead of some fucking lousy ventilators.

    But it is the envy of the world.Perhaps in Somalia or south sudan.Even fucking shit-holes like Jordan or Lebanon have better systems. Or Egypt. I wonder if their GP’s moan as much as they moan here.

  22. I mentioned this earlier but I’m yet to see any “journalist” to compare our fascist Boris soon to lead us towards totalitarism versus Macron the democratic beacon of light, the way they are handling the virus.

  23. Have to say I think Rishi Sunak’s speech was a good one.

    Churchill would have been proud of that.

    Expect petulant cry-baby whining from the left.

  24. Good grief, this is ridiculous.

    Shopping at a supermarket currently feels like sloping into a sex shop for a cheeky peek at the jazz nags.

    When did we lose our inner Kipling? Was it ’97? I’d say before that…

  25. “Umm no, and that may even have an adverse effect.”

    The rest of the world is not on board with you. Plasma therapy for viruses has been around for many years.

    ‘According to Columbia University Center for Infection and Immunity’s Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, dubbed the “Virus Hunter,” plasma therapy has been working very well against novel coronavirus, and is expected to be available to the public in four weeks.’

  26. – Expert Adam Leyland, Editor of ‘The Grocer’: “It’s against the law to profiteer”

    Really? Don’t believe that. Anyone able to confirm his assertion?

    – Rees-Mogg shuts down Piers Morgan: if he wants to say silly things and look foolish, it’s up to him

    Agree. Piers Morgan being a hysterical doom monger on Codid-19; as he is on ‘climate change’

    – What we still don’t know about coronavirus pandemic

    Interesting: coro-infected person had 372 contacts traced–only one with prolonged contact was infected

    China SARS (Covid-2) had 10% mortality rate

    “This brings me to question #5, trusting the Chinese.”

    Sir, Sir, I know that one – the answer is, “Don’t trust the Chinese and don’t eat bats or menagerie of caged wild animals”

  27. @Gamecock March 21, 2020 at 12:26 am

    +1 and why China taking samples from all recovered: find the White & Lymph cells that ate Covid-19, then IV into blood group compatible (more than A, B, O +/-) patients. Worth trying if patient diagnosed as terminal. USA has already cured ‘terminal’ using non-approved: FDA now banning more experimental treatments

    Obama: FDA has my full support

    Trump: FDA can FO and die +1

  28. ‘Spreading alarm and despondency’ was a crime under WW2 emergency measures. It might still be in military law. The BBC particularly and the media in general have been stuck in their carping gotcha-question mode, they have not adapted to the mood of the nation at all. I wonder whether they will be finally discarded in the aftermath.

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