It’s what they don’t say

So, why isn’t Mayor Pete gaining traction in S Carolina, a state where the D electorate is majority black? The fun thing being what they don’t mention. Absolutely nothing at all about the – well known and documented – difference in attitude towards gays along racial lines. Blacks being notably less keen.

Wonder why a leftie outlet wouldn’t mention that?

9 thoughts on “It’s what they don’t say”

  1. Pete’s problem is that the first thing anyone associates with him is his sexuality. Other famous gays are known first for their achievements – Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Elton John, even Peter Tatchell.

    His second obstacle is his age. He’d be the youngest President ever, at barely 39 on Inauguration Day.

  2. Its odd isn’t it, that when a white state votes for a white candidate over a black one, thats obvious racism. Or when a female candidate loses to a male one, thats blatant sexism. But when an openly gay candidate loses in a black state, crickets. Move along, nothing to see here……proof that black beats gay in victimhood poker one assumes.

  3. Sure, but the other not-talked-about thing is that 40 years ago, white people would’ve done the same.

    It’s not black folks who are the odd ones here, it’s wypipo who succumbed to a multi-billion dollar advertising campaign to do a complete 180 on the subject of chemsex manlove (Chemsex Manlove is Love, bigots).

    We’ve gone way, way beyond “don’t be horrible to the gays” (which seems sensible to me) to “you must actively celebrate blokes pounding each other like the Turks doing Lawrence of Arabia in a Frankie Goes To Hollywood video and BTW we’re introducing your kids to drag queens lol”.

    The blacks, much like the Muslims, want none of that.

    Peter Buttifingers is a weird, weird guy however you look at it, and his prissy moralising about how his love of colonic spelunking makes him better and more Jesusier than you is just the start of it. The bruthas are maybe better at picking up on something being “off” than are university educated crackers.

  4. “When James Clyburn talks blacks listen”.

    A significant group who continue supporting those who have done little or nothing to help them for at least 50 years. They simply and passively do what they’re told.

    In our last election the “my grandfather always voted labour, so did my father and so will I” attitude was finally broken in many northern constituencies. Will American blacks ever wake up?

    This sheep-like attitude is another “unmentionable” truth about this constituency which has about as much chance of being acknowledged as their hostility to gays.

  5. @Tim

    Strange too that blacks support Creepy Joe – a rich, corrupt, pompous, old white male


    Odd too that black males have a propensity for raping other males, especially in prisons; and also chimps, baboons…



  6. He has just pulled out of the race.

    There’s a rough analogy with Corbyn and the red wall. Pete would have been a long-term disaster as Democrat nominee. All those southern blacks would disown the Democrats and vote Trump for the first time in their lives, just as northern UK voters (whose ancestors had voted Labour since the dawn of time) realised that their votes were being taken for granted.

    Not that it matters – the southern states are firmly Republican anyway.

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