It’s your brain

Has Peppa Pig addled my brain – or is it a critique on capitalism?
Séamas O’Reilly


Almost every adult in the show is called Daddy or Mummy or Grandad etc, suffixed by whatever animal they happen to be – Daddy Pig, Grandad Dog, Mummy Rabbit. A rare exception is Miss Rabbit, Mummy Rabbit’s identical twin sister who has, for no explained reason, roughly 18 part-time jobs. Are we to detect a critique of late capitalism in the fact that she works as a cashier, librarian, bus driver, helicopter rescue pilot and training co-ordinator for the local fire service? And what kind of zero hours contract is she on that she must also sell ice-cream on the side? I’ve now watched every episode several times and no answers are forthcoming.

Having to be the Jack of All Trades is pre-capitalist you snivelling moron. It is capitalism and markets which allow the division and specialisation of labour.

9 thoughts on “It’s your brain”

  1. His brain is well and truly addled. Miss Rabbit absolutely loves her work, so much so that there is an entire episode about her determination to get back to it when she is ill.

  2. Sign: “Jobs:Tree Fellers wanted”

    Seamus to Mick : “Ah will yer look at that. There is a job for us except they want tree fellers and there’s only two of us”
    Mick: “You could always write Marxist shite in the Gladrag Seamus”.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    I’m expecting the Border Force to come for Mme Gazelle on 1st January.

    (Let’s have none of your legalistic cant on a family blog, m’Lud)

  4. It’s always “Late” capitalism for these nongs, isn’t it? As though saying it often enough will make it so.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    Who’d have thought it! Do you organise tours? I imagine there’s quite a bit of entering in mitigation?

  6. “cashier, librarian, bus driver, helicopter rescue pilot and training co-ordinator for the local fire service?”

    All of which can be volunteer work ( depending on where she did the Handling of the Money..)
    Nevertheless all of them require at least some decent, and in some cases a lot of qualifications.
    So here we have a depiction of someone who’s capable enough to actually do all of that, and female, and it’s still not good enough for some.

    Sourpuss 101…..

  7. Really? 18 jobs?

    Mr O’Reilly has clearly not progressed past Series Two – I counted over 40 jobs, and haven’t yet caught up with all of Series Five yet…

    In my defence, I do lay claim to four grandchildren, all of whom are/were massive fans (oldest is nearly 10, so Taylor Swift appears to have overtaken Peppa at the top of her personal popularity charts…)

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