I’ve compared Colin Hines to a fascist before now

Thirdly personal freedoms to do things that would otherwise make matters worse, such as travelling where we want to, bulk buying whatever we feel we need, whenever we want it, will be constrained by the state.

This will involve listening to climate experts, funding the transition needed through massive government borrowing and Green QE and introducing policies to curb our ‘freedoms’ to travel, eat and consume in ways that threaten the planet.

11 thoughts on “I’ve compared Colin Hines to a fascist before now”

  1. ‘introducing policies to curb our ‘freedoms’ to travel, eat and consume’

    The purpose of living then becomes . . . ?

    You are to become a needy ward of the state, existing at their convenience. Til they decide there is no reason to keep you alive any longer.

    Don’t tell Grandma.

  2. If he had significant influence, it would not be unreasonable to eliminate the twat in the cause of freedom, but since he is a vacuous prick of no importance, the kindest thing is to simply ignore him.

  3. I asked my ex colleague who is a chartered accountant / ACA / and some other acronym one gets when one is senior enough, anyway, top chap, want to set up a tax dodge in Cypros or Caymans, he’s your man.

    Never heard of this Ritchie character.

  4. WTF has bulk buying got to do with anything? Whether I buy 4 month’s worth of something 3 times a year or 1 month’s 12 times a year it’s still the same consumption, the only difference is that I might get a discount for buying in bulk. The man’s a fatuous twat.

  5. Curbing our freedom to travel? A couple of posts ago the Potato formerly known as Professor was bewailing the potential demise of airlines. Which he’d make his fucking mind up.

  6. Dennis, Whose Own Mental Health Is Never In Doubt

    Spud’s always been a bit off, but he really seems to moving faster towards straightjacket and Thorazine territory these days.

    Anyone tracking the Ely newpapers? If there is an article soon about some local character being arrested in the town square for haranguing strangers while wearing nothing but a speedo, bathrobe and bunny slippers, we’ll know Spud’s being shipped off to Bedlam.

  7. imo Richie is a Stalinist, not a Nazi, similar to Labour’s RBL – little surprise Marxist McDonnell doesn’t like him


    Problem is Ritchie has disciples spreading his message; best to top him now during “Global Emergency”

    @Arthur the Cat

    +1 bulk buying, then selling singles is how shops, pubs etc make a profit

  8. “WTF has bulk buying got to do with anything?”

    Controlling people by manipulating supply doesn’t work if people have stashes.

  9. Glad he wasn’t in smacking range at “curb our ‘freedoms'”. Seriously, these A**holes have really gotten sloppy at letting the mask slip. The 2nd Amendment keeps looking better.

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