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There’s not a great deal of point in reading the sports pages right now, is there?

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  1. There’s also not a great deal of point in having a subscription to Sky Sports, BT Sport, DAZN, BoxNation…

  2. Maybe we’ll get more reporting of online gaming? They have professional online gamers in the US.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Not reading the sports pages is just one way in which my life hasn’t changed. I am pursuing a low bat diet which continues to serve me well.

  4. On the other hand we have our copy of Ms Mantel’s latest doorstopper to read. It’s a big ‘un.

  5. Surely the news will be filled with minute by minute updates of the Spud’s heroic battle with what the world fears might be Coronavirus?

    He’s reduced to barely a dozen blogs a day.

  6. Spare a thought for those poor sods who read “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, the most popular daily newspaper in Italy.

  7. Not much point in reading any of their pages. It’s batshit hysteria and shameless panic-mongering all round.

  8. Oh, I’m not so sure.
    The F1 teams threatening to sue the FIA over its secret cover up with Ferrari over the allegations of engine cheating last year, and the threats from Red Bull to claim the new Mercedes steering mechanism is illegal, despite the FIA ruling that it isn’t: all this fun and sporting activity can continue by VC regardless of the noisy car thing.
    Entertainment all round 🙂 [/sarc]

    Six pints of bitter and quickly please. The world’s about to end.

    Oh yes sir nice weather for it. Going to watch the match this afternoon?

    No, no point.

    Foregone conclusion you reckon sir. Arsenal without a chance?

    No it’s just that the world’s going to end.

    Ah yes you said. Lucky escape for Arsenal if it did.

    No, not really.

  10. Nice little article about sport and lack of it on BBC, friend of mine rang me and his main complaint about the entire thing was the sport cancelled.

  11. There’s not a great deal of point in reading the sports pages, right?

    FTFY, Yes

    Subs: Sky F1 had 1m 30s ad on C4 News slot on Monday – someone needs sacked

    Censor v2

  12. @BniC

    BBC Sport is unwatchable since ‘diversity’ Mz Balding took over, Boat Race, Olympics, Proms all ruined

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