From our ever popular series investigating Betteridge’s Law. Also known as Headlines In The Guardian We Can Answer:

On a roll: is Britain ready for reusable toilet paper?

13 thoughts on “No”

  1. In Finland any new build since decades ago has a small showerhead next to the toilet. I never mastered it, water splashes everywhere. My dad loves it, doesn’t use toilet paper but has a small dedicated terry towel hanging on the wall. My mother’s advice to any new visitors: “Do not use the small towel under any circumstances!”.

  2. Diogenes, he picked the habit up while fighting the hairy-wristed people in the 60’s, apparently much nicer than wriggling one’s bare bottom against a sand dune…

  3. Surely that’s the Guardian, isn’t it? Reusable? Weather, sports results ‘n stuff. It does have some use as a newspaper before you wipe your arse on it.

  4. Jussi,
    Standard equipment here in Thailand, more hygenic than bog paper and doesn’t clog up the plumbing. Also in this climate a wet bum is a dry bum in about five minutes so no need for towels. Different story in a cold climate though.

  5. Re-usable…. as what? Most toilet paper is re-usable as in it’s made from something that’s already been used, most toilet paper isn’t 100% virgin paper. But you’d think toilet paper would be the usage end-point, other than re-using it by adding it to the compost heap.

  6. Japanese toilets, 60-70% are the type that wash your arse afterwards.
    If its good enough for a high hygeine country like that.
    Two other benefits:
    It automates some home care for the elderly, see Tim on aspirin, roughly a quarter of home help for the elderly is to help them toilet with a corresponding loss of dignity.
    It also reduces the consumption of crap sitka spruce for toilet paper.

  7. Nope, limited space so an all in one job- basically all electronics in toilet seat. Hot/cold water spray, male/female mode and a blow dry.
    As for the beer – failed to come up with a good pun on Asahi

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