No no, no Love, you’ve got this the wrong way around

The Duchess of Sussex is to narrate a Disney film which documents the journey of a family of elephants across the Kalahari desert in southern Africa, which will launch three days after she and Prince Harry “step back” from being senior royals.

Meghan will voice the Disneynature documentary Elephant, which will be available on Disney+ from 3 April, and is her first major acting role since becoming a royal.

Voiceovers for a Disney documentary (they only ever pay scale, no premium for fame at all) are the sort of wage slavery you yearn to escape from by becoming a Princess……

9 thoughts on “No no, no Love, you’ve got this the wrong way around”

  1. Thumbs down > thumbs up on the youtube video reporting this lovely bit of news.

    African countries where trophy/big game hunting is legalised in order to bring income don’t really have a big poaching problem as opposed to countries where it is illegal and in these countries Ubangis poach for income and bush meat.

  2. Harry and Meghan have now moved to California. What was wrong with Canada? Not woke enough? Not accommodating enough?

  3. I imagine her hourly rate for this will be higher than anyone else has ever been paid for voiceover.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Well she has Harry to thank for this – wasn’t he captured on mic saying to Mr Disney Big Cheese “You know she does voice-overs” and Mr DBC replying “No, I didn’t know that”? I hope he claims his 10% or whatever it is as agent/pimp.

  5. I fondly remember those old Disney nature programmes – the Living Desert, the Vanishing Prairie etc–with those cheesy commentaries by Winston Hibler. I hope Mrs Sussex lives up to that standard

  6. What’s the matter with Canada? Well, they’ve got this weather thing. Even Vancouver Island, as pretty as it might be in July, is dark, grey, damp and chilly much of the year. Victoria’s rain shadow just means it gets fewer inches of rain than Vancouver, but if it’s raining in Vancouver it is still cold and grey in Victoria.

    On the other hand, it’s nice in July and you can take your dog. Just show proof it’s had its rabies shot.

    In LA you can play volleyball on the beach in February.

  7. Not a lot of media networking opportunities in Victoria and on the island, all the film studios are in Vancouver itself. Though media production seems to be pretty much shut down right now

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