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No, not really

Elizabeth Warren was the ideal candidate, but there was only one problem… she was a woman

The problem was not, as with Hillary, “a” woman. The problem was “that” woman.

Mitt Romney was a highly successful, very well qualified, man. The problem was “that” man, not “a” man. If you prefer politics as your qualification the same applies to Al Gore.

And, as has been said recently (Samizdata I think?), I’d still offer odds on the first female POTUS being a Republican.

14 thoughts on “No, not really”

  1. Affected liberals will never effectively change, unless they learn to love pendants.

    “she was the candidate most likely to affect the change needed to reverse the incredible harm the past four years have witnessed.”

  2. Tulsi Gabbard is still hanging in there but the networks changed the eligibility criteria (again) so she can’t debate the elderly white guys!

  3. By Erin Templeton

    Well, who bitch this is?

    Erin Templeton is Dean of Humanities, Sciences and Business at Converse College, South Carolina

    And this is why Warren lost. Couldn’t break out of her natural base of highly credentialed liberal white wine aunts. And they’re a bespoke constituency.

  4. Nimrata Randhawa

    Inside info: Converse is high class college. Gamecock dated a few fine young ladies there, when he was at Wofford. When LBJ was president.

    Out of his league.

  5. So Warren;
    Lied about being Cherokee to promote her career.
    She produced dodgy research about American healthcare.
    Lied and plagiarised a recipe for the cookbook PowWowChow and signed herself Cherokee.
    Lied about her family history claiming her ‘high cheekbones’ were a sign of being a Cherokee.
    Took a DNA test which showed she had no native American ancestry, she lied about it and then was forced to recant.
    Her family, it turns out abused Cherokee Indians on the Trail of Tears.
    She got her ass handed to her by Trump repeatedly.
    No one voted for her, even in her home state.

    Yeah, she’s a fucking shoo-in for the Presidency darling.

  6. Same reason they keep putting socialism up for consideration.

    K. Sorry. Actually trying to sneak it in.

  7. There’s a lot of speculation that Nikki Haley will run in 2024. She’s generally got a good reputation among Republicans, and she did serve in the Trump administration and is possibly the only person to have done so and emerged with her reputation not only intact, but possibly enhanced. Of course, I’m on the west coast, so it’s possible she looks a lot better from a distance. But should she run you can expect her to be pilloried as being the wrong type of woman and minority. Interesting that pillory rhymes with Hillary. She’ll be pilloried like Hillary.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    I did see some speculation when she stood down that she could be lined up to replace Pence as VP in preparation for 2024. Pence seems to have has been a good, steady VP for Trump but he’s never come across to me as POTUS material when it comes to a general election. That said, if something did happen to Trump I reckon he’d be at least competent.

    (NB: That’s as an outsider looking in, but I do have more than a passing interest in US politics.)

  9. A brother who worked for SC DMV hated Nikki Haley when she was governor of Gamecockland.

    Her highest recommendation.

  10. @TD

    Nikki Haley – USA’s Priti Patel. A coconut and too ‘common’

    Margaret & Priti – Grocer’s daughters; Trump is ‘in trade’ too

    Gore? Don’t forget Dukakis

  11. Someone raised Clinton/Hulu docu, maybe @Gamecock

    ‘Poor Bill Clinton was the real victim’ in the Lewinsky Affair /sarc
    “Hellary Clinton released a four-part documentary which includes a segment where Bill Clinton blames the Lewinsky affair on anxiety and stress, a move which Journalist Corrine Barraclough has described as “fresh hell”.

    “This has just made him sound even worse,” she said.

    In 1988, when the Lewinsky affair was first brought before the public eye, Bill Clinton denied having sexual relations with the White House Intern Monica Lewinsky.

    However, in the new documentary Mr Clinton admits the affair helped him manage his anxieties.”

    He is mirroring Hellary’s playbook. Yes, let’s all sit down, hold hands and shine a light over these two victims of our cruel cruel society /sarc

    What about the other women when he was governor? Couldn’t deal with it as governor then he should never have been vetted to be president

    The Clintons are evil people. The body count of people affiliated with them is unbelievable. The women that he raped have never been given justice. Will ‘anxiety’ now be a not-guilty defence against rape accusation?

    – Bill Clinton accuser reacts to his dismissive excuses in Hulu documentary
    “Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick reacts to new Monica Lewinsky claims”

    Will Bill Clinton’s ‘Lolita Express” flights by covered?

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