No, not really

Company reporting ban triggers fears of stock market closure
Listed companies ordered to stop publishing annual results


Britain’s top listed companies have been banned from publishing their annual results for at least the next fortnight in an unprecedented move by the City regulator to deal with the chaos caused by the coronavirus.

The instruction, contained in a letter sent by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to regulated companies over the weekend, immediately prompted speculation that it was the prelude to a full markets shutdown.

They’ve been told not to release preliminary results. But the full, audited results should still be released on schedule.

The Times has misunderstood what has been said.

3 thoughts on “No, not really”

  1. Not “The Times” misunderstanding, just sloppy phraseology. The companies normally publish their annual results via an announcement on the Stock Exchange’s RNS and the FCA has told them to stop for a week or so. For the last score of years the “Preliminary Results” have been audited prior to publication, so the word “Preliminary” in an anachronism. It is just (some of) the excessively voluminous notes that are admitted

  2. Saw news headline this AM: “Stock futures down sharply.”

    Cirrusly, who trades in this market? Not investors.

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