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Fundamentally, fighting the climate crisis is about fighting the injustice that it magnifies. Preventing the poor, who played no part in fuelling the climate fire, from getting burned. Enabling those with little wealth to build dignified lives without the use of coal, oil and gas. Creating a better world, where we stop exploiting the planet as if its resources were infinite and, through cooperation, learn to live within our means.

There’s actually nothing in that first set of desires – hey, let’s not have global warming – which leads to that second – hey, let’s all be poorer. But guess which of the two makes Damian Carrington lick his lips?

As Prof Myles Allen of the University of Oxford has pointed out, slavery was once a highly profitable provider of energy and we brought it to an end because it was an affront to the values that make us human.

Well, actually, no, we didn’t. We brought it to an end because it was no longer economic. As Carlyle was so dismalled to find out. And the same will be true of our use of oil and gas etc.

So here’s one: 19 November 2020. That is when the UN climate change conference, hosted by Boris Johnson and the UK government, is due to end. Unless nations dramatically increase their pledges to cut emissions, we will remain on track for a terrifying 3-4C of heating.

No, we won’t. Because that is to assume that it’s only governments making pledges which cut emissions. Archetypal tosspottery from Damian there. No government pledged to cut emissions by fracking for oil and gas, thereby making coal largely uneconomic in the US. But it still happened, still reduced emissions.

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  1. “The planet does not have infinite resources”

    “The rich have an infinite supply of money that could fund all my brainfarts”

    Opposite statements. Both beliefs held simultaneously by every single lefty on the planet.

  2. It needs repeating often that there is no climate crisis. Keep pointing it out and maybe the alarmists will eventually wake up to the fact. Keep pointing out that this or that bit of rough weather is not evidence for thermageddon but the same thing that has been happening throughout history. In other words the climate staying pretty much the same. Yes it changes but over huge timescales that we don’t have to worry ourselves about.

  3. I don’t know a great deal about the history of slavery, but is it strictly true to say that we ended it because it was no longer economic? (I say “we“ meaning the UK.) I thought we borrowed an awful lot of money to fund our ships interdicting slave vessels on the high seas, which seems a silly thing to do if it was going to stop anyway. Not that governments don’t do silly things, obviously.

  4. You persist in your foolery Tim–there is no climate crisis or man-made warming.

    All Marxist bullshit.

    The only thing we need to do is smash the ecofreaks and the scum of the left in general.

  5. The best tactic in my view is to use their own experts against them. Thus the IPCC have concluded/admitted two very important things. 1) that there is no proven connection between Co2 emissions and ‘extreme weather events’. 2) That even if the UK were to totally ‘de-carbonise’ at the cost (otherwise known as transfer from poor citizens to rich green corporations) of trillions of dollars the impact on their computer projections would be so small as to approximate to zero.

  6. The Meissen Bison

    After the subs have reported to Alex for their beating they might note that Carlyle could have been dismayed but not dismalled which, although a charming archaism, was nonetheless an intransitive verb when last used in the eighteenth century.

  7. And aren’t we currently in RPC2.5 where “carry on what we’re doing” results in 1.0-1.5 C temperature increase? We aren’t doing nothing, and haven’t been doing nothing for decades.

  8. I was hoping for a neologism, “dismalled”, to have pointed out to you the truths of the dismal science.

  9. I’d not want to have to prove RCP 2.5. But I’d happily assert RCP 4.5 – or A1T from the older SRES models.

    Actually, I have just written a paper making exactly that assertion. We’ll have to wait and see whether it’s published though.

  10. One notices that the poor of the world all flock to the Gaia-raping West. Judging by their continual whinges, it’s certainly not because they love us. Indeed given the constant scream for cash, it appears that they come here because they think our burning of coal, oil and gas will make them richer.

  11. “…Unless nations dramatically increase their pledges to cut emissions, we will remain on track for a terrifying 3-4C of heating….”

    Where do you get that from? Please provide a reference.

    It is not enough to cite the IPCC RCPs, unless you also provide evidence that our emissions match the one you want to cite….

  12. “bushfires” caused by climate change – or caused by failure of forestry management and arsonists ? My solution to the so called emergency – the banning of the Guardian in it’s printed form- should save a few trees and my blood pressure.

  13. I’m in Calgary, Canada. So long as we are using anecdotal evidence, which we are because the ‘scientists’ have so enfraudulated their temperature data, it will be -30 degrees Celsius here this coming weekend. In March, fucking March.

    Every day, in every way, I pray for Global Warming. And when it’s here I’m going to buy a 10,000 acre farm in the North West Territories.

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