Not quite and exactly the same thing

World Bank: Coronavirus financial shock in Asia-Pacific will condemn millions to poverty
New report warns that 11 million in the Asia Pacific region could be pushed under the poverty line

That’s actively going into poverty:

The financial shockwaves of the coronavirus crisis will prevent millions of people in the Asia-Pacific region from escaping poverty this year, a new report from the World Bank has warned.

That’s not escaping it.

Still, this concern for the garment workers is good. For when we get lefties decrying this – as indeed all should for who doesn’t want to see the poor of the world rise up – we can at least retort that in normal times we already do our bit. We buy the fruits of their labour, that fast fashion, which is what aids them in becoming richer.

5 thoughts on “Not quite and exactly the same thing”

  1. As the head of Next put it when someone commented at least they still have online sales, ‘You don’t buy a new outfit to stay home’

  2. Hey, an idea:

    Instead of Left demanding all businesses close, Left should campaign for them all to be open to eradicate poverty here and in third world

    Deaths? Left fine with that in USSR & China for decades

    4Chan, we need you

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