Not really, no

It’s telling that Jacques, a former Guardian writer, had to approach a US publication to get the article published.

The NYT pays very well, Why wouldn’t you want to be published there?

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  1. Your idea that that freak “Carrie” is a “barometer” for anything is laughable Tim. He is the leftist equiv of Jack Chick leaflets without the outreach and displaying far less sense even than old Jack.

  2. Hmm, given that the brits have excellent teeth by global standards the headline is broadly true.

  3. Gary/Carrie is interesting from the point of view of understanding what the avant garde of mental illness looks like.

    Dismissing xir as being irrelevant is the same mistake stodgy conservatives made in the 80’s, when they assumed social justice crusades about “white supremacy” and whatnot wouldn’t metastasise out of university sociology departments.


    There are two main types of British transphobia. […] This viewpoint can often be found in publications aligned with the Conservative Party, such as The Spectator, The Times and The Telegraph, all of which are looking for a new “culture war” to pursue

    My first thought was, he lied in every word,
    That hoary cripple, with malicious eye
    Askance to watch the workings of his lie
    On mine, and mouth scarce able to afford
    Suppression of the glee, that pursed and scored
    Its edge, at one more victim gained thereby.

    Sometimes you can actually learn cool facts from Gary/Carrie:

    The word “bad” originally meant a feminine man.

    I feel sure this would’ve tickled Stephen Fry on QI. Obviously the Decepticons view this as proof of “transphobia”, but what if it’s actually timeless truth? Encoded in the memetic structure of language itself – crowdsourced wisdom of the ages.

    Who are we gonna believe? Our sires and grandsires, who lived, toiled, fought and endured unimaginable hardships so that we might be free? Or Harold Bishop in drag?

  4. I was particularly struck by the complete absence of logic in these sentences:

    “Meanwhile closer to home, Helen Martin in the Edinburgh News claims that gender recognition reform will lead to…

    women’s shops compelled to supply men’s lingerie and size 12 stilettos

    This is from the same school as the equal marriage claim that letting gay people marry would lead to people marrying dogs and cousins.”

    It makes you realise that Capt Potato is on the intellectual end of the woke-socialist spectrum. You start to yearn for his analytical rigour when you read such tripe

  5. I have never knowingly met a trans to be phobe about. Why is this pleasure denied me? Are the transpeople just too lazy to move about the country stirring up phobes? Idle bastards.

  6. Is anyone enjoying the way that the wokerati are ganging up on Suzanne Moore, and the Guardian for publishing her transphobic article. Also the way they claim that no censorship is involved in Hachette deciding not punish Woody Allen’s memoirs. The Guardian just managed to hold firm against wokey employee pressure but Hachette caved. The usual suspects – John Band, dsquared et al – are Just reading from the woke central autocue, oblivious to the obvious intolerance, censorship, free speech issues. I hope they get shafted good and hard very soon

  7. Dio – You’d need a heart of stone, etc.

    Quoth Suzanne:

    The radical insight of feminism is that gender is a social construct – that girls and women are not fated to be feminine, that boys and men don’t have to be masculine.

    But this “radical insight” is up there with phlogiston theory and transorbital lobotomies. Gender might be (partially) a social construct, but it’s built on a biological substrate. It’s a manifestation of physical reality in a sexually dimorphic mammalian species that wishes to perpetuate its genes – not, in fact, a global, multi-millennial conspiracy to manspread on the Tube.

    Suzanne believes gender is a cultural abstract that has nothing to do with the biological fact of sex. This is every bit as nuts as what trannies believe, just a different and competing brand of crazy.

  8. “Meanwhile closer to home, Helen Martin in the Edinburgh News claims that gender recognition reform will lead to…

    women’s shops compelled to supply men’s lingerie and size 12 stilettos

    Isn’t that what drag queen shops are for?

  9. It amuses me that having insisted gender is a social construct some people then bitch like hell when society refuses to let them define their own gender without reference to society.

  10. There was a tickling Viz cartoon many years ago, Top Tips, or some such, in which trannies were advised, if they wished to be taken for actual women, to wear tracky bottoms and hoodies whilst sporting Croydon facelifts.

  11. At the rugby sevens in Vancouver this weekend and at one point between games they brought out the winner of some Drag Queen competition to perform, camera cuts to crowd who are all looking at phones or talking and otherwise totally uninterested.
    Women behind me commented that as it was International Womens Day it might have been nice if the had invited an actual woman to perform.

  12. As for the origins of bad there’s also sinister which refers to someone left handed, damn side discrimination is awful

  13. Highly amusing watching Left tear itself apart in minority wars

    – Muslim Labour MP slams party’s ’embarrassing’ decision to suspend equality champion Trevor Phillips for ‘Islamophobia’ after he voiced concerns about Asian grooming gangs – as he claims he’s victim of Corbynista revenge

    – In defence of Trevor Phillips
    Labour’s expulsion of Phillips reveals a cult-like party on the verge of total irrelevance

    A (no) platform announcement

    We apologise to passengers waiting for The Amber Rudd Outrage Express. This train of thought is no longer stopping at this platform due to ‘a tranny derailment’.

    Please listen for details of the Outrage Bus Replacement service. Anyone boarding without a valid grievance could face a fine or six months in Twitter jail.

    If you see a Home Secretary that doesn’t look white, tell the Brutish Transport Police.

    They will attempt to remove her.

    See it, say it, sordid

    – Turkish International Women’s Day march shut down by police

  14. ‘British transphobia’

    Putting ‘British’ in front of it, does that make it senseless, like putting “social” or “climate” in front of it?

    The freak show ‘Carrie’ is an ignoramus. ‘Transphobia’ is an invention. NO ONE fears trannies. People think they are stupid perverts. Which involves no fear. In 21st century wokeworld, it is imperative to make stupid perverts victims. To Carrie, I say, “Put on a Superman suit, and leap up my ass in a single bound.”

  15. There are two main types of British transphobia.

    On that note, I have identified 5 main types of tranny:

    1 – Loonies who genuinely believe their ‘gender’ is different to their biological sex
    2 – Fat gayers who can’t get laid trying to put their moobs to some use
    3 – Women-hating perverts who want to get in the little girls changing room
    4 – Narcissistic attention craving students (altho more likely to ‘identify’ as ‘genderqueer’ or some such bollocks)
    5 – Women who hate themselves so much they want to cut their tits off

    The tranny movement, such as it is, seems to be mainly comprised of types 2&3 plus hangers on.

    Still, 50 years hence this will all just be a footnote in Li & Fung’s “Suicide of the West: how the US & Europe gave up”, © Beijing Normal University Press 2070.

  16. BniC: In place of your somewhat cumbersome “side discrimination”, I submit “chiralophobia”

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