Not safe in offices

There was a time when the code was “Not safe in taxis”. Salmond has updated this:

Senior civil servants ordered that women should not be left alone with Alex Salmond in his official residence when he was first minister, a court has been told.

Of course, we all knew he wasn’t safe in office anyway.

13 thoughts on “Not safe in offices”

  1. It’s interesting to follow Craig Murray’s blog on this. Before the trial he conjectured that it was all a stitch-up based on internal SNP politics. During the trial, of course, he has to pick his words with far more care.

    He’s also been fascinating on the Assange case.

    What’s the world coming to when I find myself sympathetic to some of Murray’s arguments, or at least firmly of the view that he is right to speak out?

  2. Seems to me that Salmond is suffering from the Weinstein delusion: ‘Although I’m fat and ugly I’m successful and powerful. Power is an aphrodisiac therefore all women want to shag me so this isn’t rape’.

  3. Indeed so. The problem being that power and fame are indeed aphrodisiacs but not to all. It’s the selectivity that matters.

  4. Seems to me that Salmond is suffering from the Weinstein delusion

    Except that Weinstein paid for his blowjobs or shags by giving the blowee a film role and potential stardom. What was Salmond offering?

  5. Another case of someone from the Left side of the political divide being too ‘hands on’ with the ladies. Who could have guessed?

  6. Dearieme – Craig Murray’s astonishing insight seems to be that the media are disgusting liars. Well, duh.

    Otoh, 10 alleged victims and 14 alleged sex crimes would be a helluva conspiracy if it was all bullshit.

  7. When there’s smoke there’s fire. Still, what I’ve heard on the radio, the alleged victim was Salmond’s shag partner and these incidents happened in a private house. Was the alleged rapee dragged there by force?

    A bit like being wankered and coming out from a club, someone offers to let you charge your phone in his flat, and you go willingly – “what an utterly decent chap!”

  8. Part of the evidence yesterday was the comment that it was cold in the living room of Bute House so he suggested they go to his bedroom as it was warmer, apparently she didn’t think this was unusual or inappropriate suggestion.

  9. As with Yewtree/Saville Steve–it doesn’t need a conspiracy–just a lot of liars–with offers of compo in most cases–and the poisonous soil of a marx-fenm captured establishment who WANT to believe the cockrot.

    The Civil Service had Marxist rules imposed on it from late 90’s –ie out with “reasonable man” test and in with “if she feels it offends it does. ” Salmond could have had shite like the “don’t be alone” put on his record after any single claim–which would not be investigated as if she “feels” upset that is the “proof”.

    There are hundreds of Saville victim claimers –yet none with a solid case that would stand up to rules of evidence circa –1980 say.

  10. Ecksy – what are the odds that Jimmy Savile, Michael Jackson, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew and others are all innocent victims of a vast, feminist conspiracy?

  11. I haven’t really been following this much, but one bit that I caught didn’t “smell right”. A woman stated that Salmond undressed her.

    I’ve experienced trying to undress children, drunk adults, willing sex partners, and it is really difficult to undress somebody if they aren’t co-operating (can you just move… and lift your… and bend….), and incredibly difficult if they are objecting. (It’s *IS* your bedtime! You’re going to bed NOW!)

  12. Jussi,

    Even Savile was probably not guilty of all he was accused of. Was he a ghastly, pervy, boastful, bag of shit? No doubt. The late Anna Racoon nailed it. We know that a lot of women will sell sex for a all sorts of rewards, including ten seconds of fame. The attractions of money, promised them by dodgy lawyers is probably a big enticement. Then, they will get raped again – metaphorically, of course – by the lawyers.

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