Not sure how much use this will be

All travel from Europe to America will be suspended for 30 days but the United Kingdom will be exempt, Donald Trump has announced in a major step to limit the spread of the new coronavirus.

The US president used a live address to the nation to announce the restrictions, saying they will take effect at midnight on Friday and US citizens once screened will not be affected.

I can see that there will be substantial – substantial – costs. But the disease is already free and wild in the US. I suspect the costs are going to be very much higher than any benefits. Still, politics, must be seen to be doing something, eh?

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  1. must be seen to be doing something, eh?

    Not if you’re Evil Drumpf. The usual suspects in the MSM have already condemned the move, just as they criticised his early inaction.

    Meanwhile, I notice that a lot of people commenting BTL on various news websites are hoping the virus spreads fast and far in the US, as that will prove the inferiority of the US medical system.

  2. Massive economic damage over a load of bullshit.

    Chicom scum say 3% death rate. South Korea–who I find more trustworthy as they haven’t murdered 70-100 million people and don’t use political prisoners for body parts–says 1%.

    Either way that is of the infected.

    The crazy bullshit starts with this “80% will be infected” absolute cockrot.

    What was the recovery rate after you caught the Black Death in 1348? Not very high–1%–3%? of those who caught it managed to beat it and recover? Zero medical help then.

    So in the 14th century–with poor diet , cold, most hovels made from sticks and mud/cowshit and zero hygiene or useful medical help, two-thirds of Europe did not become infected by a pathogen far more dangerous than this piece-of-shit coro. 2/3 were NOT infected. Pathogen was around and must have touched them save for a few isolates–but they DID NOT catch it.

    So, for what possible reason are liars pushing this 80% coro infection shite?

    Who benefits from all this nonsense? A try-out for globo-elite tyranny perhaps or an attempt to bring about the recession the fucking Democrats pray for?

    Sheer fuckwit stupidity.

  3. The whole thing is shrouded with bullshit.

    Kills 1% of the infected–but only those who are old AND not too well to begin with.

    Ridley quotes unproved stuff like the bat origin. The fact that 1/3 of China’s pigs have croaked in the last 2 years is of more significance. Not to mention the massive and near lethal air pollution that the Chicoms have allowed over Wuhan for the last two years.

    Ridley seems to have raided the MSM for the building blocks of his article and it shows. Hell the Chicoms are not even doing the –dodgy in itself–virus test but just chest X-rays . If you have pnuemo–as millions of Chinese DO already–you are Coro-fodder.

    Ridley should have thought more deeply about his article. Doomy bullshit we have enough of–let alone a bloke trading on his previous level-headedness.

  4. The take-away from this is how fuck-useless modern medicine really is.

    We don’t understand viril activity and have no effective measures against them. Is modern medicine in fact moribund? Where are the big breakthroughs like anti-biotics? Or have all the great pioneers been replaced with conformist turds and time-servers? It could be that people are getting more dumb or losing imagination in favour of computerised cockrot.

  5. I’m with Ecksy on this.

    The rate of infection is slowing here in Asia. Indonesia’s policy of pretending nothing’s going on seems to be working. No-one’s keeling over in the street there yet.

    I remain unconvinced of the need for panic. That said, the measures already taken to combat the spread of the virus will fuck the world economy this year, so perhaps the damage has been done.

  6. We’ve got flights booked for 1st May, Sydney to London on Qantas QF1. Qantas has announced that they’re rerouting QF1 from being via Singapore to via Perth and replacing A380 with 787 which means those of us with First Class tickets will be downgraded to Business. I cannot get anyone at Qantas to tell me how they plan to compensate us. They claim they need to wait until website booking reflects change. Announced Tuesday, booking still saying we’re going via Singapore. I suspect they are delaying it to limit our chances of demanding a full refund and making alternative arrangements. They can’t give us difference between first and business because business is currently more than we paid for first.

  7. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    “Meanwhile, I notice that a lot of people commenting BTL on various news websites are hoping the virus spreads fast and far in the US, as that will prove the inferiority of the US medical system.”

    These are the same turds who hope the U.K. economy tanks to teach people a lesson for voting for Brexit.

  8. My feeling is that the reason for the seemingly over the top reaction by the authorities to what in objective terms is a relatively non fatal illness is not a sudden State interest in the health and well being of its subjects, its more the self interest of keeping the economic plates spinning, and keeping the Establishment in the positions of power and control they enjoy. I have become increasingly convinced over the last decade or so that the authorities are very worried about how unstable modern Western societies are, and how easily they could come crashing down, taking the elites with them. I have noted multiple decisions that seem to suggest overkill, or an obsessive worry with not allowing anything to jolt the system at all. If millions catch this virus, and tens of millions more are effectively removed from economic activity voluntarily by trying to avoid catching it, then its easy to see an economic domino effect – a wave of businesses falling over from lack of trade cascading through the economy, with knock on effects for tax revenues and public spending, and potentially the failure of many public services.

  9. Jim–if the fuckwits fear collapse they are helping to bring it about by the OTT shit they are into.

  10. Ah but the fuckwits have factions and a constant war for position in the Elite continues….
    Hence panic versus less panic….

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s a school of thought that Italy banning direct flight to and from China exacerbated the situation early on. It forced people to go via other airports eg Frankfurt, and so they lost control of who was coming and going and it made it harder to trace people.

    USA will need to keep an eye on travel through Canada and central America if its to get any health benefit from this ban.

  12. Bloke about to be locked down in Germany

    Doc, my heart bleeds, unlike that of your callous interlocutor. For, likely, bang goes my Senator card this year. Thanks, Donald.

    Ecks – working on an antibiotic right now, admittedly my first in perhaps 10 years. Won’t do anything for coronavirus, of course. There aren’t many developed (tho probably more than you think) because there frankly isn’t much need. At least, not from people who can pay for a new drug. Most of them are done by Japanese companies, so they don’t get a lot of publicity in the west. And their market isn’t here.

    Spread of the black death was somewhat restricted by the complete absence of global air travel in 1348. Incidentally, that disease’s only remaining stronghold is in the USA.

    Yes – the over the top cure, that will likely only slow the inevitable* will do far more damage than the disease.

    *: So we all hide away at home for 3 weeks and the epidemic dies down. But someone, somewhere, has it, and always will. So it comes back. Do we then hide away for another 3 weeks, and keep doing it until the economy is bombed back to the stone age?

  13. Bloke in North Dorset


    A question …

    I’ve just been in the gym and was looking at the anti-viral spray that is available, and this predates the current scare,. and saw that includes SARS and a few other viruses in the list of protection against …

    Would these have any impact on the corona virus and if not how long would it take to adapt these sorts of cleaning materials to cover it?

    And I saw my 1st masked and gloved person today. A guy in the gym, wearing a surgical mask (largely useless) and some surgical gloves, that may help.

  14. BiND,

    First thing we’re doing when we land, having slummed it for 17 hours in business class, is heading to West Bay.

  15. “Spread of the black death was somewhat restricted by the complete absence of global air travel in 1348. Incidentally, that disease’s only remaining stronghold is in the USA.”

    Agreed Biggie–but it DID eventually get everywhere apart from very isolated communities. Most people still aren’t going to be infected with coro never mind the 80% cockrot.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset


    One of Mrs BiND’s favourite places. If you haven’t been for a while you might notice a difference as there’s been a few landslips recently and all the reports are that given the rain this year stay well clear of the edges, you be surprised how many people ignore it.

    Where are you staying? I shouldn’t think the caravan park would be your style 😉

  17. One thing has struck me about the virus. In the umpteen words I’ve read over the years criticising the American medical system (some of them quite justified I suspect) I’ve never seen anyone mention public health problems – such as an epidemic. The complaints have all been about private health treatment and health insurance, or the lack of it.

    Suddenly the critics will say “I told you so” but they’ll be lying. It’s odd because the US does seem ill organised to deal with an epidemic. Why has nobody been pointing this out for years?

    Separate question: why has the CDC proved so appallingly bad at its job? Don’t give me balls about Trump. The flaws are obviously deep in the organisation at a level the Prez can’t manage, and presumably predate his administration.

    Mind you, many of the people in the UK who are paid to deal with public health actually concern themselves with private health, which they propose to improve by propaganda and mutton-headed nanny-statism.

  18. BiND,

    We’ve been there every year since 2011 except 2016, the year after my dad died. We started going because it is flat, unlike Lyme Regis, so my dad could shuffle to the numerous pubs and restaurants. We fell in love with the place and my mum is happy to go back. If we decided to retire back in the UK, it would definitely be favourite. We stay in the apartments on the western side of the harbour, love sitting on the balcony and people watching while drinking Lyme Bay G & Ts.

  19. Clearly the disease is spreading, but how fast is hard to tell. The world is doing ever more tests, which is bound to find more cases regardless of whether the actual number is increasing. The deaths are mostly limited to people who were already in a poor way, so it doesn’t so much kill as apply the coup de grace.
    I saw yesterday that a flight from Iran to Bahrain had near 50% of its passengers test positive, though none had symptoms. If that is typical of the asymptomatic in Iran then the death rate must be way less than 1%.
    I expect the number of diagnosed cases to continue rising rapidly, the death toll less so, until the death toll is proved to be proportionately low, when the panic will start to wind down.
    If I am right expect governments to slap themselves on the back for saving us all, as they saved us from so many things in the past.

  20. BiND. Hand washes contain antiseptics to kill bacteria and alcohol to kill virus. They are not bacterium or virus specific because it is a chemical action not an immunological action. Heat and sunlight also kill both.

    If you injected hand wash into an infected Coronavirus victim, or one having any virus, it would kill the virus… also the victim of course.

    However, there is always a however… some bacteria and virus have a surface which is less susceptible to chemicals or heat which is why the best action is to wash thoroughly the hands with soap under hot running water, for at least 30 seconds. A nail brush should also be used to remove any bugs under the nails.

    The soap lifts skin oil and dirt to which bugs can cling from the skin surface, and the hot running water will kill the bugs and flushes them dead or alive off the skin surface and down the drain. There is no point in hand washing in a basin filled with water, you just create bug-soup and then contaminate the towel you use for drying with all the bugs left on your hands.

    Hand wash is a compromise and is always going to be less effective. For one thing it does not remove the bugs, they are still on your hands. In the case of bacteria, their adverse biological effect is from the toxins they produce. So even dead bacteria can cause problems if enough get into the body.

    Using hand wash only all day can result in a sufficient load of dead bacteria and their toxins by the end of the day to have a bad effect if transferred to food for example.

    Also hand wash can still leave bugs unharmed, under the nails or in skin folds. Even after using hand wash, the hands should be washed with soap under hot running water as soon as practical.

  21. “All travel from Europe to America will be suspended for 30 days but the United Kingdom will be exempt”
    I think it’s if you have been in the Schengen zone within the previous 15 days. Meaning that UK/Ireland is now a 15 day quarantine zone for entry into the US. I wonder where they will stay while they are over here?

  22. @Jim March 12, 2020 at 9:07 am


    Yesterday’s budget says it all “free goodies for everyone”

    Trump will have hoardes of GOPs and Swamp telling him “you must do somehing big, doesn’t matter if does nothing”


    CV-19 has a Lipoid shell which is easily destroyed by most washes. Most viruses destroyed by >60% alcohol, Meths is >95% alcohol

    @John B


  23. @BiG

    Silly peeps hear alcohol kills bacteria and viruses – vodka = alcohol > vodka kills b&v

    But, Vodka is Not > 60% alcohol

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