Richard Murphy says:
March 17 2020 at 7:52 pm
PPE and an MBA teaches you nothing about this

Or business, come to that

Which is why politicians should run more of the economy presumably.

6 thoughts on “Oh, right”

  1. Hilarious! Murphy’s tiff with Martin Wolf continues:

    Martin Wolf, Emmauel Saez and Gabriel Zucman are wrong

    This suggestion is grossly incompetent and I don’t care if the three supporting it know that I think so

  2. “Richard Murphy says:

    March 17 2020 at 6:59 pm

    I’m seeking to go in much the same direction

    I’d suggest a pint except I am in quarantine…”

    In the interests of community morale in these dark days, could a public spirited resident of Ely please cut the cunt’s internet connection for the duration?

  3. I’m inclined to agree with spud that PPEs and MBAs teach little of any use, full stop.

    ISTR an entertaining book on management published some 40 years ago, “In Search of Excellence”, which studied the management styles of the top-performing couple-of-dozen American companies and concluded, in essence, that not a single one of them used any of the managment techniques that were being taught in MBA courses. 🙂

    … and as for PPE..? Oxbridge’s equivalent of Media Studies (at best!).

  4. A little tangential – I’ve read that R0 is around 3 for this virus. What I want to know is the distribution of R0.
    If for example over 80% of the people who carry the virus infect 2-4 additional people in normal circumstance, then that is one thing.
    However, if a society with a high level of social cohesion has most people with symptoms isolating and infecting say 0.1 other people, but a few twats who don’t think social norms apply to them passing the virus on to say 30 other people, then that is another thing.
    The policy proposals would be radically different, from everybody being told they have no social inter actions at all until it’s over, to everybody being told to trim their interactions by just over a third and getting in the military to eliminate and contain the cunts.
    Patient 31 in South Korea springs to mind as a cunt, as apparently over half the infections can be tracked back to him.
    Are there any good research papers showing whether previous viruses are spread by the public generally or by a small number of twats, is what I’m driving at.

  5. R0 of 3 looks as if it is at the high end of the estimates I have seen. Most seem to come in around 1.5. However, there are big timelags in the data. And no one really knows how good it is

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