One thing we can be sure of here

They’ll screw up any definition of “tech” that they try to use:

Using smart technology to spy on or abuse your partner will become illegal under new domestic abuse laws.

Unveiling the bill on Tuesday, ministers said a new legal definition of domestic abuse would include “tech abuse” which research by charity Refuge found was recorded in up to three-quarters of cases.

According to ministers, abusers are increasingly using new technologies such as fitness trackers and “smart” home devices attached to heating, lights and video doorbells to stalk, isolate and control present and former partners.

Please define tech then.

11 thoughts on “One thing we can be sure of here”

  1. They’ll first redefine ‘domestic abuse’ to exclude pretty young flaky female slebs whacking their partner over the head while he sleeps….

  2. So recording your slut of a wife’s afternoon delight while you are out working to pay the bitch’s bills now becomes “abuse” does it?

    Of course her looking jealously through your phone won’t fall in the same class of events at all.

    More BluLabour shite from BluLabour. I presume this is more of Marxist femmi-owned cunt Treason May’s legacy of dirtywork.Rather than a Blojo original –he hasn’t had time. And of course this type of evil is embedded in the SCS anyway.

  3. There’ll be a lot of crossover here with the “tech” used for parental monitoring. Should be interesting.

  4. So recording your slut of a wife’s afternoon delight while you are out working to pay the bitch’s bills now becomes “abuse” does it?

    Bloody hell, Ecksy. Have you ever considered Amitriptyline?

  5. What makes it spying? I can check the location of any of my family members from my iPhone, will this function be disabled?

  6. If you are both aware of a systems capability and both have ability to see information and/or turn it off then at what point does it become abuse?
    Similar to a joint account, you can see the other persons transactions so at what point is checking your bank statement online abuse?

  7. Technology is applied engineering.
    If I use the technology of my spectacles to observe the fact that my ex-partner is on the other side of the road, THAT’S ABUSE!!!!!

  8. @JuliaM

    +1 – “Comment awaiting moderation”



    Don’t Ever take it for anything – it’s devil’s spawn

  9. See that they mention smart heating, my thermostat can sense movement and if there is no movement over a set time period it can go to ‘away’ mode (turn down heating), if someone then walks past it can set it back to the expected temperature.
    This is all automated and done by the thermostat, in theory I could use my phone app to tell of the thermostat thinks there’s someone in the house when I was expecting there to be no one, won’t tell me who it is and may even be wrong as some other scheduled change could have kicked in.
    From this they want to allege abuse and stalking, really stretching things aren’t they, it’s the equivalent of being able to guess if someone is home from what lights are on as I drive up to the house.

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