An investigation into NMC Health has discovered another $1.6 billion of debt, including $50 million of cheques that may have benefited unnamed third parties.

The latest findings at NMC, the FTSE 100 private hospitals group mired in an accounting and governance scandal, increases its debt to about $6.6 billion from an estimated $5 billion identified earlier this month. That figure was itself an increase of $2.7 billion.

Amazin‘ what can get lost down the back of the sofa.

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  1. The reporting on this is woeful. Much of the earlier debt that was discovered were contingent liabilities, ie NMC had guaranteed the debts of 3rd party companies connected with Shetty. So there would be no flows through NMC unless those companies defaulted. Obviously a risk that the board should have declared to the auditors. If they didn’t, it is tough for the auditors to be aware. If the rest of the board were not aware then there are serious questions to be asked

    With this new stuff, it is unclear from what I can see of this just what is going on.

  2. Off Topic

    A potato shaped hero speaks – “I have had coronavirus and am still very tired as a result and am not working normally.”

    It is 11.00 a.m. and he has 6 blogs up this morning on his website.

  3. More OT

    Some fucking sense in this mad world:

    Off-licences will join a list of businesses considered essential to keep the nation running during the Coronavirus crackdown.

  4. To put Spud’s claim into persepctive;

    “There are 37 confirmed cases in Cambridgeshire, out of a local population of 651,482”

  5. AndrewC

    Classic Munchausen’s Syndrome behaviour by Murphy. Fairly predictable given his past blogging on his own imagined suffering at Dachau etc

  6. Has he got proof of having had the virus or is it, like everything else he says, his own unproven conjecture without real world testing?

    He’s right about the not working normally part.

  7. We have had some kind of bug at our house. Wife and daughter have each had a few days of having a mild temperature and feeling slightly rough. I haven’t had it so far. Is it anything to do with Covid 19 or is it something completely unrelated? Is it unusual for a virus to cause such a wide range of symptoms, all the way from non at all to actual death?

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Keep an eye on them. My brother, admittedly not the healthiest of specimens, got it (was tested) and for the first few days just felt a little fever and sleepiness. On Saturday he sent a message via social media saying he was starting to feel better.

    I got back from my walk on Sunday morning to a message from my niece saying he was in St Thomas’s ICU on a ventilator and heavily sedated. Apparently he’d started getting serious breathing difficulties sometime Saturday evening and it came on really quickly. He’s a Type 2 diabetic and has had a reaction that has meant having to go on to a dialysis machine as well as needing insulin. He’s very slowly improving and they hope to get him off dialysis tomorrow.

    My son reckons its not unusual for people to have those secondary type symptoms after reporting starting to feel better.

    On a side note, a close cousin had terminal cancer with only a few weeks to live and died suddenly yesterday. They think he may have picked up the virus but aren’t going to test, he’d have probably been one of the death stats in Italy.

  9. One of the leading lights of our local pub quiz league (a dozen teams of four) has died from coronavirus. He was 69, still working every day at his City solicitors, and healthy as far as I was aware. Brings it home. (There have been only 59 confirmed cases in Bucks.)

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    And one of those was a 21-year-old woman who died last week, no underlying health issues according to her family.

  11. @Diogenes

    “unclear from what I can see of this just what is going on”

    Don’t trust Arabs or any country with green or black on flag


    Aus, for now, keeping ‘bottle stores’ open – no doubt their health fascists demanding closure

    India and some USA states (eg PA) closed liquor stores


    Yes. Everyone’s different. Depends on how strong immune system is. imo ‘clean living’ makes it weaker.

    First proper cold/flu in >10 years was Dec 2018. Usually a soreish throat for 1 or 2 days and sweat it out during night sleep


    “no knownunderlying health issues” bet PM reveals heart/liver… defect

    UK has ~1,680 deaths every day, 613,200 pa. If 50,000 premature deaths in UK “with” not “due to” CV19 it’s a blip

  12. I’m beginning to think that when all this is done and dusted you won’t be able to see any radical difference between this years overall deaths and any other years. A large proportion of the CV deaths will be people who would have died this year anyway for other reasons, and the remainder will probably be counterbalanced by less road deaths and deaths at work.

  13. It is important to prevent the cases overwhelming the hospitals. The incompetent Italians are seeing very high death rates. I’m not talking about the percentage of deaths to cases – which is an absurd 8.5%, the Italians have basically not tested anyone who isn’t in hospital – cause they’re incompetent – but the percentage of people who they’ve tested and who died in different age categories. The Italians now have a 23% death rate amongst those over the age of 80 and a 15% in those over 70. Way higher than China and way higher than the rate earlier in the crisis when it tracked China. Their healthcare system in parts of northern Italy have been overwhelmed.

    Why do we know the Italians are incompetent? Because Italian doctors keep saying stupid things like “we tested even the asymptomatic” and “our death rate is higher because the population is older”. If they admitted the truth – that they were incompetent and didn’t test and missed all the signs, it would at least indicate a modicum of awareness.

  14. @Jim March 26, 2020 at 9:05 am

    +1 Today 115 deaths “with” CV-19 – is that normal 1,680 + 115, or daily total still about same?

    Anyone found the stats?

  15. And take note that as the sky fails to fall, they are playing with the the numbers.

    > The figures published on Thursday could not be directly compared to those released the previous day because the system for recording cases has changed.
    > The Wednesday figures comprised the period from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on March 24, an eight-hour window, while the Thursday figures cover the period from 5 p.m. (1700 GMT) on March 24 to 5 p.m. on March 25, a 24-hour time lapse.
    > In future, figures will be published every day around 2 p.m. covering the 24-hour period that ended the previous day at 5 p.m.

  16. Ah, so that suggests that the 41 (which looked low) was a reduced 8 hour period, and the rest are comparable 24 hour periods. Fair enough, as long as the 41 is marked/tagged as such.

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