6. Border Patrol Agent Calls Up Planned Parenthood To Get Helpful Pointers On Separating Children From Their Mothers

14 thoughts on “Ouch”

  1. Seems a trifle implausible to me. As Stalin said to Ribbentrop, ‘We cannot say this, it tells the truth all too plainly.’

  2. Babylon Bee is quite an enjoyable site: it satirises things by stating them baldly, with only a little exaggeration.
    Many topics get very funny roastings.
    It’s a bit like Private Eye used to be, long ago.

    And the joy of this particular item, is that the logic is inescapable from the current ‘Pro choice’ position.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Babylon Bee appears to be the only right-wing satire website. Perhaps our host, ever in search of new business opportunities, could set up a similar venture, with a focus on the UK / Europe?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m sending this to snopes for a fact check as we speak.

    Snopes has already been sent-up for “fact checking” them.

  5. Re Gravitar
    Any social media site requires an 8 character plus alpha/numeric password to register is too far up its own arse to bother with.

  6. Yesterday:

    – Sir Patrick Valance Chief Scientistic Advisor – not desirable to stop spread, we need to develop [herd] immunity for future protection

    Sounds like allow Darwinian survival of fittest – scary but probably best solution to many of world problems. All this H&S etc has stopped evolution. Why should we all live for ever?

    However, the plan has merits:
    – delaying spread until warmer
    – gradual exposure vs all in hiding, come out and it takes of again

    One important point Trump made, but ignored by MSM who concentrated on ‘Europe Travel Ban”:

    – Relaxing FDA Regulations to allow vaccine to be approved and deployed faster

    imo USA needs to work with China on this, China has been collecting blood samples from recovered to find white/lymph etc cells that cured

    – Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate based on political affiliation

    – Summary of other Trump measures
    eg – Help for ill employees

    Left and Newmonia ignore or scream ‘not enough’ like Baby Doll Greta

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