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Products take time to perfect

Toilet paper was invented in 1857.

Splinterless toilet paper was invented in 1935.

22 thoughts on “Products take time to perfect”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Splinterless toilet paper was invented in 1935.

    It hadn’t reached the German Democratic Republic by 1978

  2. Nokia started manufacturing toilet paper in 1902 in Nokia, Finland. Modern day crepe-two-fold variety in 1954. I asked my dad, there were no splinters between the two dates. This from a man who had his first coca-cola, banana and orange in 1952 during the Olympics. He can’t remember anyone mentioning any splinters.

  3. Although, I am all for the old rough DDR-style bog paper. Sturdy, almost like sand paper, so it doesn’t slide and smear and you don’t end up with your middle finger up the bum through the fancy and weak paper.

  4. Saturday Humour

    “Mummy, what’s for breakfast?”
    Rhoda “Toilet Paper”

    – Prince Harry phone call with a pair of Russian pranksters

    – More Russian pranksters

    Coronavirus: Goes viral in the UK
    There’s a global pandemic and this is what the NHS & PHE are spending your taxes on

    – NHS: Urgent advice for pregnant men

    “Pregnant man: I want an abortion.
    NHS: Sorry, the father doesn’t get a say in the matter”

    Dear God, Stop this insanity, a CV-20 that targets woke gene please. Amen

    – Laurence Fox Scalps the Woke British Actors Union
    “The censorious woke brigade lose a few comrades today”

    Don’t forget: The woman in the audience was a plant by the BBC she’s a regular on BBC politics/news, also a lecturer in grievance aka diversity studies

    Definition of Irony – When the Year Of The Rat starts with a plague

  5. Ha ha Pcar, very depressing actually. I’ll join one of those settlements in Eretz Israel, but oh dear it so expensive there comapared to Hungary…is it better have the Russkies next door or Palestinins (=no such thing exists, they are Trans-Jordanians caught behind the enemy lines).

  6. If we followed the practices of our RoP friends there’d be no bog paper problem here (or in Venezuela).

    Water from a bucket next to the bog applied copiously to the arse crack with the filthy left hand. Or if you intend to shake the hand of the kuffar afterwards, use the right hand.

  7. Perhaps spring will come early and we’ll have a good supply of leaves on the trees.

    Thanks, Global Warming!

  8. But to prevent run-away inflation due to the oversupply of leaves, we will have to devalue the leaf, and embark on a massive defoliation campaign. Clearly, all will agree that will be a sensible move.

  9. The Meissen Bison


    It strikes me that you may need to take a quick refresher on Green QE. In a nutshell, Elynomics prescribes moar leaf tax in such a situation as you depict.

  10. Morrisons 16:30 today

    No loo rolls or soap
    No UHT Milk
    No Pasta, Rice, baked beans, low pasta sauce, soup
    Low level of bread
    No carrots, parsnips, turnips, low potato
    No frozen veg

  11. BlokeInTejasInNormandy

    Carrefour Market Brionne (Normandy) yesterday (they close Sunday arvos): perfectly normal.

  12. Amusingly in Lidl on Friday, all the cheap loo roll had sold out, but they still had stacks of the more expensive stuff. Panic-buying but not taking it too far.

  13. Amen, RichardT. I use the expensive stuff. Vast empty rack in Walmart last week, but my stuff was still there.

    I’m thinking about hitting local grocery and Walmart at OH Dark Thirty tomorrow. Not so much that I need stuff, as I want to see what it be like.

  14. Waitrose was mostly normal.

    Although they had run out of those sachets that people use in their pseudo Italian coffee makers. Gluten free bread was running low too. And all the proper toilet paper had gone, just lots of single ply still available.

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