Quite so Polly, quite so

If there’s an epidemic on the scale Public Health England warns of, the government may not be able to keep its citizens safe

The middle of a pandemic being a useful definition of when we’re not safe really.

12 thoughts on “Quite so Polly, quite so”

  1. Good to see you return to The Folly of the Dugong.

    Though in the context of the pandemic maybe I should have said “daft old bat”.

  2. At which point we may be entitled to ask what the £4.5bn p.a budget for Public Health England has actually been spent on.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Oh, bless, she thinks the government keeps us safe.

    She ignores the knife crime epidemic, people getting killed in traffic accidents, people dying in badly run hospitals etc in order to focus on something completely outside the government’s control, the spread of a virus.

  4. Someone used the wrong pronoun to me this morning. The Government can’t even protect me from that

  5. It’s absolutely hilarious. I do think people will look at this and say – hold on. My taxes are at the highest level record since the late 70s. Government expenditure continues to rise inexorably and yet the ‘envy of the world’ cannot seem to cope? Perhaps they could reassign the ‘5 portion a day coordinators’, ‘Real breastfeeding coordinators’ and suchlike to Social care? How about removing the EHRC en masse and using them to do something useful?

    The obtuseness is extraordinary and the stupidity simply has to be seen to be believed

  6. ‘If this epidemic is only half as bad as the official worst-case scenario’

    I see what she did there.

    Suppose it’s only 1% as bad as the OWCS?

  7. Fuck me-she/they never waste an opportunity do they? Pick pick pick. Leave the scab alone you silly old cow and go and do something useful.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yep, they never miss an opportunity, they’re shameless.

    I watched QT for the first time in ages last night because Mrs BiND had it on. The first section was on the virus as you would expect and was apolitical in general. I thought Hancock did well, he was confident and answered honestly and openly.

    Then it got to horse faced a Beckett and she just couldn’t help herself and had to get a dig in about “Tory underfunding” when it came to the NHS. As if they could ever fund it enough to please Labour let alone the peak of a serious virus outbreak.

  9. VanP: that chimes with what I was thinking this morning listening to the radio coverage of Eroll Graham dying “at the hands of the DWP”.
    *MY* first thoughts weren’t “why didn’t the DWP do X, Y, Z?” but “where the F**** were Social Services?” *THEY* are the ones whose job it is to protect and support vunerable members of society, not the ***ing benefits people.
    If your life is so screwed up you can’t keep track of your benefits status and responsibilities, it’s a social worker you need, not a benefits assessment manager.

  10. @Van_Patten

    +1 and same with DfID – hey presto £15-£20 Billion to deal with Corvid-19


    Re Eroll Graham

    Social Services are equally useless. If Eroll Graham wouldn’t ‘engage’ with social worker they’ll have abandoned him. Engage meaning do what they want, not what Mr Graham wanted


    Good find : )

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