Revelation! Hookers track money

At least 100 sex workers travel to Davos, where prostitution is legal, to provide services for clients during the week-long event, according to a senior Swiss police officer.

That is a surprise, isn’t it?

In other news, waiters – also a legal profession – get jobs handing out glasses of wine.

8 thoughts on “Revelation! Hookers track money”

  1. The Swiss are usually quite meticulous so probably they could give us the data in the raw: gender balance, nationality, language skills, etc. if we asked nicely.

  2. The numbers are more realistic at least. Remember when 40,000 women were allegedly being trafficked into South Africa (in addition to non-immigrant trafficking, and non-trafficked sex workers) to service the needs of 400,000 foreign fans at the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

  3. “only 100?”

    You’re talking top-of-the-line “social company” Ladies of Negotiable Affection here..
    There may be some peeps frequenting here that can afford their hourly rate, but even they would probably only consider if they could write it off as a Business Expense.

    100 of those at the same time is a lot… And pretty much a non-bet that the vast majority of them is pre-booked.

  4. That is because they appear to be prostitutes ( which they are in common with most media peeps) what is the problem, they could always stay at home with the Au-pair – this is a common problem for females (and guys) travelling alone and has been for decades , whats the big problem.

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