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Boris Johnson is preparing to reject EU demands to guarantee that the UK will continue to be bound by European human rights laws once the country becomes fully independent, The Telegraph can disclose.

This newspaper understands that British negotiators will refuse to accept proposed clauses in a post-Brexit trade agreement that would require the UK to remain signed up to the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) – leaving the door open to break away from the treaty as soon as next year.

The connection between human rights and the voluntary exchange of cauliflowers does seem a little loose, doesn’t it? Perhaps human rights might be dealt with in some treaty about human rights, leaving trade issues for a trade treaty?

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  1. Western countries often impose sanctions on the likes of Iran, North Korea, and Syria in the name of human rights abuses. The precedent of linking trade with human rights was set a long time ago.

  2. In other words it’s a tool used by external powers to force compliance with whatever rules they deem fit. Or at the very least, exert influence in the affairs of sovereign countries without the consent of those people’s. Good, glad that’s cleared up.

  3. The ECHR is not an EU thing, it’s a Council of Europe thing and we are not planning to leave the Council. However, we do have a right to. Nothing to do with the EU and they cannot make such conditions.

  4. It would be fun if the UK demanded that landowner subsidies and convergence funding and policies were devolved to member states, or that common law was adopted in the ECHR area, all as a condition of having a free trade agreement with the EU.
    Silly things to ask for of course, but if you ask with a straight face you never know.

  5. There have been and still are regimes where the voluntary exchange of cauliflowers is not permitted. I’m surprised you don’t see the connection with human rights abuses, which seems pretty obvious to me. (Though I’d agree it’s not obvious why the ECHR would be involved in our trade treaties with the EU.)

  6. The ECHR isn’t an EU thing, but signing up to the convention is a condition of EU membership.

  7. The EU is determined to impose the Canton Concession system on us, and we all know how well that turned out.

  8. @Tim

    BBC Marr had Europe Minister Amelie De Montchalin on today

    French bint explaing why EU justifies everything as trade even if
    inconsequential. EU same as Left, Greens etc: common sense and real facts don’t matter – Embassy of France

    “How can she say she “respects” British sovereignty whilst demanding we dynamically align with their laws and regulations whilst also insisting the ECJ have jurisdiction over us. How can she say that with a straight face?!? Absolutely crazy”


    +1 Left colonialist good, capitalist free trade/barter colonialist bad


    Good idea. Email Mr Cummings


    Brendan O’Neill* | Mainstream Media Cannot Be Trusted

    Good comments:
    “The BBC has failed us. They tried to tell us what to think. They omitted truths, outright lied, and are as biased as you can get”
    “Guardian loved Julian Assange – until he WikiLeaked Democrats”

    * Brendan O’Neill: left, but not CM

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