Seriously Lisa, sod off

With coronavirus, the government must extend the Brexit transition period
Lisa Nandy


So first, we must agree with the EU to extend the Brexit transition period. Our businesses and our communities cannot cope with more uncertainty during this outbreak. British companies who trade with the EU do not know what terms they’ll be trading on in 10 months’ time. Add to this the falling demand and disruption created by coronavirus and it is reasonable to expect many businesses will not survive. The government has boxed itself into a corner by legislating to end the transition period in December come what may. It now faces a direct choice between narrow partisan ideology and the interests of the nation.

So, to reduce uncertainty you wish to extend the period of uncertainty?

24 thoughts on “Seriously Lisa, sod off”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Poor old Litha – anything to raise her profile with Labour remainers as though she could ever compete successfully with Sir Kir on that score.

  2. How to drive a wedge further between the Party and the northern working class’s suicide

    Changing the subject, Dick Murphy is banging on about country by country reporting..” despite the right-wing claims, I created country-by-country reporting as we now know it.”… isn’t this [email protected]?

  3. “The government must extend the Brexit transition period until we can find another way to block Brexit.”

    Fixed it.

  4. Logically, wouldn’t a period of enforced reduced international trade be the perfect point to introduce some sort of new trade system? If no-one’s sending much stuff (or people) across international borders anyway (borders might be on lock down anyway by the end of the year) surely that would be the best time to introduce a new regulatory framework and get the bugs out of the system while the flow is artificially low?

  5. Any excuse is good enough and even none will do.

    But yes Jim. Your reasoning is so logical and rational that it’s obviously totally unacceptable.

  6. What Gamecock said. There’s going to be a lot more of this, alongside a raft of bogus legal actions and attempts to undermine pro-Brexit politicians.

  7. Its not just a question of uncertainty,its the additional economic headwinds of Brexit itself, which even Conservative Home admits,(however slyly), will need yet more irresponsible borrowing and spending to disguise.
    The reason for delay is that its better if the boiler goes and the car breaks down at different times.
    That said, my instinct to get the misery underway. The sooner the stupidity of the people who prioritised ethnic purity over prosperity is revealed, the sooner the country can come to its senses.A return to the business friendly moderate government that served us so well for the last 200 years will be about ten years … and we can all go and piss on Enoch Powell`s grave to celebrate

  8. You are card, Newmania. It’s already seventy years too late for “racial purity”. Which option are you planing on, “submit” or “death”?

  9. Can’t recall who did the plugin, sorry, but arsewipe isn’t working with Worstall 2020 (at least on Brave it isn’t; If I switch it to Worstall 2007 it’s fine). Gutted.

  10. but arsewipe isn’t working with Worstall 2020

    I know. I’ll fix it when it looks like the site changes have stopped.

  11. She’s the girl who told the yarn about how she, a simple northern lass, was overwhelmed by the House of Commons, by the privilege of it all, and so on.

    In fact her mother had been a Commons Librarian and (no doubt merely coincidentally) the mother’s father, Lord Whatsit, sat in the House of Lords.

  12. Mind you, Kiery-boy also has form in the prolier-than-thou stakes. His father, he told the world, was but a simple tool-maker. Indeed he was; he owned the factory.

  13. A lot of people seem to have got this racism and EU thing the wrong way round. If you want to live in a country with more racist programmes and policies then Remain was your choice as average levels of racism across the EU are greater than the UK. We know this because the EU itself has studied this.
    Centralise as much as you can to Brussels, which develops rules based on the aggregate of all the members ( if it’s accountable which Remainers think it is up to a point ) and on you go.

  14. So Nandy’s maternal grandfather was an MP and the Lord. Her father is an academic and career quangocrat, but she’s a salt of the earth working class lass?
    Meanwhile Starmer has a team of people working to remove any mention on his wikipedia page that he’s a millionaire.

    These may be the moderate candidates for leader, but they’re not moderate when it comes to disingenuous cuntishness.

  15. A return to the business friendly moderate government that served us so well for the last 200 years will be about ten years … and we can all go and piss on Enoch Powell`s grave to celebrate

    Mystic Steve predicts you’ll still be banging on about Europe well into your dotage, to completely uninterested care workers who’re too young to even remember what the EU was.

    “And then they voted for RACIAL PURITY, you see! And I said…”

    “That’s nice, Mr Mania, we’ll talk about the League of Nations later. Now it’s time for your catheter change.”

    the prolier-than-thou stakes

    It’s weird how they pretend to be working class, while simultaneously hating the working class. Lady Fatgee’s tweet about “LOL, patriotic chav scum! xD xD” was symptomatic.

  16. I once thought Lisa Nandy might have had something about her, but her more recent utterances have disabused me of that notion. At least she hasn’t (yet) come out as pansexual (another very weird woman). One of the Monday morning cartoons on Guido some weeks ago amused. He gave LN just the right kind of thyroid deficiency look.

  17. I am an old fan of Ronald Reagan. Lisa Nandy is right. We need to stop the virus. Trump has been a disasterous President. All he cares about is getting re-elected. He should put his subjects above his re-election.
    I am going to vote Democrat at the next election. I would even vote for Sanders above Trump the dumb bully.
    Trump needs to focus on stopping the virus killing millions. How many millions will die, due to Trump’s incompetence? My son Brain, said he will never vote for the Republicans again.
    I would call on all Democrats and Republicans to unite against this desperate President, who only cartes about himself.
    He worries that if the right measures are taken, to stop the virus, it will slow the economy and take away his TRUMP card. Well that is selfish in the extreme.

    Someone should make a film about the incompetence of Trump. Someone should produce a film on it. The virus is Trump Hurricane Katrina.
    Trump has a terrible legacy, his power is the foundation of incompetence.
    His reign has been 0one of incompetence.
    Reagan had some issues as President, but Trump is a nightmare.

  18. I am an old fan of Ronald Reagan. Lisa Nandy is right. We need to stop the virus. Trump has been a disasterous President.

    It’s cold outside. I like to watch rugby. Mercury is very hot. House prices are sky-rocketing here.

    Did I win. I assume we are playing some kind of non sequitur bingo.

  19. Hoffman you are a cunt. The muck under Trump’s fingernails is worth more than you and all the rest of ANY scum who would vote Democrat.

    Facepainter–we know you are a Goddamn liar as well as a traitor and EU cocksucker but you just can’t by-pass any chance to prove they truth of those accurate statements.

    You try to use the fact that BluLabour Blojo Johnson is –like you a fuckwit who thinks that money can be magic’d up without limit– as proof of BAD THINGS about Brexit . Such head-up-your-arse thinking is a further demonstration of why it is high time that your helping yourself to this planet’s oxygen be brought to an abrupt end.

  20. Lisa Nandy, like Corbyn, supports terrorists

    The PSC is Anti-Semitic and pro-terror. You can support Palestinian AND Israeli rights. You don’t have to pander to extremists. This renders your assurances to the Jewish community on Anti-Semitism hollow. It will take a generation for this poison infecting @UKLabour to be removed

    “The leader of Labour Friends of Palestine and a harsh critic of Israeli policies towards Palestinians, Nandy has said she was ‘ashamed’ by anti-Semitism in the party” – ashamed it leaked



    My son Brain(s)

    Thanks for confirming you’re a [sock] puppet

  21. “I am an old fan of Ronald Reagan.”

    A declaration of orthodoxy. Betrayed by the rest of the paragraph.

  22. Bloke in North Dorset

    Lisa Nandy’s father was a Marxist academic who moved from socialist India* to a comfortable life in the free market capitalist west for an easier life. She’s spent all her life either working as a researcher for a local MP or as a researcher for a fake charity before becoming an MP.

    She has no idea how wealth is created yet she presumes to tell us how we should all live our lives and how she is better at spending our money that we are. She also swallowed the transphobia and Islamophobia bullshit.

    Of the three contenders for the Labour Party leadership she is the sanest which explains why Labour is in deep shit in its former rock solid northern constituencies..

    *Their constitution states they are socialist

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