Slightly difficult

There are times when euphemisms must be used to avoid offending maiden aunts:

We could have subsidies, bailouts, and political favors. But who gets what in such a system will depend upon the position in the political alimentary canal of the supplicant.

Can’t quite say, in a mainstream American publication, “whose lips are firmly attached to the political sphincter”, or “who gives analingus to politicians” or even “who inhabits the political colon” let alone who kisses political ass.

Fortunately English is an adaptable language.

5 thoughts on “Slightly difficult”

  1. Off Topic but I see that the Moses of Tax has delivered his 10 commandments.

    He’s left out the one about “Tax must ensure that everyone lives happily ever after” but the rest are in the same vein.

  2. Yes, and then The Lord God gave him a new set of tablets to replace them. Unfortunately neither Moses or God could remember most of what was on the first set so most of the new commandments were different. Meanwhile someone must have put the old ones back together like a jigsaw.

  3. “Meanwhile someone must have put the old ones back together like a jigsaw.”

    Thou shalt commit adultery…

  4. Did you perhaps mean “upon the position of the supplicant in the political alimentary canal”? It seems to make more sense.

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