So, chintz, winceyette?

Smell and taste should be included on official list of coronavirus symptoms, medics demand

Is it bad taste or good that is to be a symptom? And who decides which is which?

9 thoughts on “So, chintz, winceyette?”

  1. “The official list of coronavirus symptoms should be expanded to include loss of smell and taste, senior medics have demanded…”

    Thus giving even more recorded potential cases to scare the public with and make them compliant?

  2. Given that your senses of taste and smell are reduced everytime you get a cold, will there be an objective test to tell us if this reduction of the senses is due to contracting a cold or COVID19?

  3. Lose the sense of taste? Does that mean I can wear my 1976 vintage pink brushed denim loons with the 26 inch flares again?

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Addolff – yes, but only if you still have the green and mauve paisley patterned cheesecloth shirt.

  5. TMB.
    Don’t have the shirt but will a canary yellow tank top with multi-coloured flowers round the chest (knitted by my mum) do?

  6. “Don’t have the shirt but will a canary yellow tank top with multi-coloured flowers round the chest (knitted by my mum) do?”
    Well, that’s social isolation sorted.

  7. Diogenes – I am currently self-isolating as at the start of last week, I developed some (very mild) symptoms of Corona. I do not know whether or not I had the virus but within 2 days the same symptoms started with my wife and child despite my efforts to keep away. So whatever it was it was more virulent than any other bug we have had in the house (and with a 4 yr old, we have had plenty).
    3 days later, I completely lost my sense of smell. I do not have a cold, my sinuses are absolutely clear and I have not been sneezing. And when I say lost my sense of smell, I mean completely. There is nothing. Not even a hint. I have tested using the most pungent things we have in the household and I cannot smell a thing.
    I have had bad colds before and the difference between that and this is night and day. It is depressing as food and booze now hold no joy for me at all.
    ENT UK have said that some 30% of Koreans who tested positive and only had mild symptoms also reported a lose of smell and/or taste.
    There is no way currently of telling whether or not I have had the virus and that will be true of anyone who suffers the same. But if it is one way of ID’ing those who may be asymptomatic carriers, then it is extremely useful and the government should add it to thier advice on when to self-isolate

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