Sounds good Rod

You might want to flesh out this syllabus into a fuller version:

On Tuesday, in chemistry, my daughter will learn how you can set fire to a photograph of Greta Thunberg using only a small cube of sodium and a bowl of water. The gender studies module will be incorporated — with great brevity — into a maths lesson on binary numbers. In geography she will be asked to challenge the belief inculcated into her seemingly every week that poverty in Africa is solely the consequence of colonialism, with special reference to Ethiopia and Liberia (never colonised) and Singapore and Malaysia (colonised for some 140 years).

This is indeed a grand chance to reverse the programming.

9 thoughts on “Sounds good Rod”

  1. Rodder is always good value. You can register at the Times for one free article a week; he’s generally the only thing worth reading.

    Not quite off topic, but this article is worth taking a look at to get an idea of the oppressive hellhole your betters want to turn the world into post COVID-19:

    Spoiler alert, it says we must endure the state knowing where we are and where we’ve been at all times and that this information will be shared when and wherever the great and good deem it necessary.

    All based on Imperial College’s models, which are based on shonky data from all over the world.

  2. @MC.. Correct. Not only shonky data but shonky models. These are the geniuses who were more than two orders of magnitude out in their previous “millions will die” predictions.
    Swine flu: predicted for UK 3,100 to 65,000 deaths, actually 138.
    Bird flu: predicted for UK 75,000 deaths, actually zero.

  3. We can’t do lockdown for that length of time. Better to keep the economy and say bye bye to Granny.

  4. @MC

    Although this week Matthew Parris managed to stop blathering about Brexit long enough to pen a very good (contrarian) article on Coronavirus.

  5. View from the Solent

    I’m reminded of the old Vietnam war urban myth by all the current bullshit..
    (paraphrasing) “We had to destroy the country to save it.”

  6. Any reading list suggestions for my two (age 13 & 16) while they’re at home? Not just economics, the full range.

    Or fun science experiments.

  7. @MC

    All based on Imperial College’s models by the same Prof who said BSE/CJD would kill 500,000 Brits

    Millions of cows & sheep needlessly shot and incinerated

    Gove in Brexit campaign “We’ve had enough of experts and their failed/fake predictions”

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