Talk to some men Honey

Menopause, defined as a full year with no period, hits women on average around the age of 51. But the years before that cessation – called perimenopause – can be more emotionally and physically fraught than we anticipate. We change a lot during these years. And, as we may remember from puberty, transitions can be awkward. Our bodies and our moods frequently betray us, but one of the worst parts of perimenopause and menopause is that no one talks about them.

True, the conversations are short but the information does get passed from generation to generation.

“She’ll go nuts for a few years Lad. But it’ll pass”.

“Oh, OK. So, that’s 15 two, 15 four, one for his knob……”

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    I think that my then middle-aged mother – dealing with a grouchy teenage daughter, dying parents, marriage problems and an acting career ending because she was no longer young – might have been finding a way to express her feelings

    Goodness, it must be horrible being a woman – I wonder how they cope at all!

  2. I would find it quite interesting to know whether a middle aged women i have just met has gone through the change or not, but i wouldn’t dream of asking. That reluctance is got to be the same side of the coin, of “no one talks about them.” thing being complained of.

  3. My sheltered childhood; explanation please?
    “Oh, OK. So, that’s 15 two, 15 four, one for his knob……”

  4. Blimey. Cribbage scoring. I’ve got one 15 here, so that’s two points, I’ve another, that’s another two, I’ve the jack of the card turned over from the pack, that’s one point….

  5. The middle-aged ladies of my acquaintance discuss menopausal symptoms in detail and at length. They compete to have the worst hot flushes. Far from not talking about it they rarely shut up.

    And I wondered how many folks would recognise the crib scoring. You made me want to play it again after probably four decades..

  6. Hallowed Be
    Quite. I am sure that “are you usually this clinically insane or is it just your hormones?” will go down well either way.

  7. Peter M Briffa said:
    “Was cribbage taught at Downside, Tim?”

    Cribbage is taught in pubs, not public schools.

  8. Cribbage is taught in pubs, not public schools.

    Indeed. I seem to remember that, back in the day, it was the only card game you could legally play in a pub (anti-gambling laws), and every local had a cribbage scoreboard (though the counters were always missing and replaced by matchsticks). Happy days!

  9. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Sorry, but cribbage will never replace the excitement of the violent games of three-pack canasta grandma used to engage in. With us. I don’t remember how to play it, but I still have the ability to dodge flying ashtrays.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Chris beat me to it. Crib and dominoes were acceptable small stakes gambling. The crib board was also used for 5s and 3s scoring.

  11. the worst parts of perimenopause and menopause is that no one talks about them

    Bloke: How’s your
    menopause going? My itchy piles are driving me mad today

    Woman: phones HR and makes complaint

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