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Telegraph subs!

Dame Fanny Waterman, who co-founded the world-renowned Leeds International Piano Competition, says she was left feeling “hurt” after allegedly being made to retire due to her age. She is now 99 years old.

Dame Fanny helped establish the competition in 1961 and, despite being only five years shy of her 100th birthday, said she wanted to work “forever”, and is claiming she was forced to retire due to her advancing years.

So, she 99? Or 95? Or five months short of her 100th birthday?

8 thoughts on “Telegraph subs!”

  1. Telegraph should kno all about it, once did their employee (execs) med insurance premiums Bill Deedes dwarfed the others (inc IIRC Dom lawson).

  2. Rather unfair, clearly a) it was keeping the old girl going and b) she’s clearly got more faculties intact than anyone involved in the production of the Terriblegraph online.

    Incidentally Tim, I am not 100% that subs are even involved in the less-important website material these days. Quite a while ago a mate who used to work there told me they were writing their own headlines directly into the content management system.

  3. Her staff used to call her Field Marshall Fanny. I don’t think she is one to dip her headlights, Steve

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