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The grift never stops, does it?

In return for being aided by government in these difficult times every recipient of said aid must:

then some quite stringent conditions need to be attached including binding undertakings to:

– To sign up to a tax transparency standard like the Fair Tax Mark;

The Sage of Ely having been the founder of the so far remarkably unsuccessful Fair Tax Mark.

9 thoughts on “The grift never stops, does it?”

  1. He’s transparent in one thing; that he’s a self-serving grant-whore who would try to find an angle to make a profit out of a crisis.

    He’s just like a black-market spiv – “Hey! Over ‘er’ Gov. Can I int’rst you in a nice little tax approval scheme. Nah ‘Onest, it ain’t hooky. I vouch for it meself. Ev’ry one’s gonna want soon. Get in on the ground floor, before the price goes up.”

    He’s a Private Walker or a Flash Harry, but without any of the charm and sympathy.

  2. “To sign up to a tax transparency standard like the Fair Tax Mark”

    No clear declaration of interest as he writes that….

    “The grift never stops, does it?”

    I don’t know why but I read it as “the gift”, ie, that keeps giving…

  3. Alternatively, people could simply submit their tax returns to HMG, when people with far more training in tax than His Spudliness will ever know will review them with respect to the laws of the land. After that they could say “Hey, I’ve paid my tax!”

  4. According to Richard’s web site, there are FTSE 100 companies that have signed up to the Fair Tax Mark.

    I wonder if you could develop a short selling strategy base on this…..

  5. Tim

    You are an extremely competent commentator on economics, with potentially very valuable things to say in the current crisis.

    Your man Murphy is a monumentally incompetent fool, whose drivel is not worthy of anyone’s attention.

    Please, while the crisis lasts, could you ignore the charlatan and concentrate on really important matters? If necessary, begin each post with “Richard Murphy is an idiot, but of course we all know that. To concentrate on important matters …”

  6. He does not disappoint.

    Just when you think he’s reached the pinnacle of utter cvntishness, he comfortably vaults over it to what appears to be a new unassailable level, but you can bet he’s got plenty in his bag to top even this in future.

  7. Will the Fair Tax Mark be offering a fee holiday? Because otherwise this might look like Murphy engaging in blatent profiteering.

  8. I think he just needs to be regaled (when this is all over) with all the articles he has written during this period and that should speak for itself. The guy is the embodiment of self-interest and self- importance and has proven himself to be one of the most odious people in Britain, if not the world.

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