The Guardian’s really going for it today

A nice building in Durham. Built by miners and their unions etc. About which they say:

Redhill, opened in 1915, is ‘a shining example of what people can achieve collectively’.

Gibbering idiots. Everything above the level of the self-knapped flint is collective action. The Bank of England is collective action, Standard Oil was built collectively. Auschwitz was.

Come on, we even had Obama saying “You didn’t build that”.

“Collectively” is just “as a group”. There being many ways for people to form a group. What The G means is “no in pursuit of that nasty capitalist profit” which may well be but that is a very different thing.

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  1. From here, the miners in effect created and ran their own welfare state in the first part of the 20th century. They built hospitals, homes, recreation halls. There was no state to do it for them so they did it for themselves and that was a tremendous source of pride and satisfaction.

    Fast-forward just over a century and they’re leaching off the lottery and the council to keep the building standing. Looks like the state sapped a lot of invention and gumption from Durham.

  2. the new headquarters boasted a lavish 48-metre facade, a white marble staircase, a domed roof and splendid oak-panelled committee rooms

    The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

  3. Obama’s was not a Graham Hancock “You didn’t build that.”

    It was a justification for collectivization. Since more than you were involved, you don’t own it.

  4. “The National Lottery Heritage Fund had agreed an initial sum for a study on more than £4m of restoration and renovation work, with the aim of turning Redhills over to the people of Durham as a community and arts hub.”

    “Community and Arts Hub”. This is always the sodding justification for these projects, which really means a big fat nothing. It means a few “community arts” jobs and fuck all art of any merit produced by it.

    “There are hopes that the pitman’s parliament will resume its place as a forum for democratic debate. Citizens UK groups have already expressed interest in holding meetings in the chamber, which can accommodate up to 350 delegates. Films, concerts and shows will also help put Redhills back on the cultural map of the region.”

    Yeah, this sort of bullshit. The odd bunch of old communists getting together in a building, charging a couple of quid for admission, at best. Utterly detached from most working people. In a few years, they’ll be crying out for yet more funding because they got a repair bill and can’t fit uPVC in there.

    These buildings only get this because they’re Grade II listed, so the owners can’t knock them down and put up a nice new IMAX cinema.

  5. ‘ Redhill, opened in 1915, is ‘a shining example of what people can achieve collectively’.

    Then no more taxpayer money needed for NHS, education, welfare, etc – the ‘collective’ can do it.

  6. @BoM4

    “Community and Arts Hub” – a Lefty taxpayer funded coffee club ‘Open To All’ except anyone who isn’t a Lefty

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