The Somnolent Sage

Given that we all do depend upon the Sage of Ely to save us what can we do now?

Right now I am too tired to deal with the issue….but maybe later on his morning I will return to it. The need for the most radical of thinking, and reforms, has arrived. And let me promise you, this time it is impossible for anything to be the same again. That’s the one certainty we have got.

When the lynchpin of our entire governing system, the centre of wisdom, is unavailable, what is there to do but waily, waily?

And this is not entirely a joke. For, in a system that depends upon direction from an individual what can that system do in the absence? Which is why the internet was built with multiple paths. So that the taking out of any one path does not bring down the system. And why market systems are very much moire robust than planned systems – because the absence of the planner does not bring down the system.

Still, there’s Shakespeare to fall back upon. I shall do such things although I know not what….

10 thoughts on “The Somnolent Sage”

  1. The markets crashed due to fears that spud would get coronavirus and the global economy would lose all direction.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    We’ve got some of the best scientific minds working on this, including from world leading organisations like Porton Down, but don’t worry, when a fat twat in and of terrace in Ely has had a strong cup of coffee he’ll deign to tell us what we really should be doing.

  3. “The need for the most radical of thinking, and reforms, has arrived…”

    the first priority should be to fix his broken record.

  4. @Rocco

    Masturbating at his joy of global suffering?

    Struggling to find words to support French fine?

    Apple, Tech Data and Ingram fined €1.24bn as part of Apple ‘cartel’ antitrust case

    France’s competition watchdog has issued its largest ever fine, accusing the three companies of running an illegal cartel in France, fixing prices
    Apple and distributors Tech Data and Ingram Micro have been hit by a fine worth more than €1.24bn by an antitrust authority for allegedly fixing prices in the French market
    In the largest fine the watchdog has ever levied, L’Autorité de la Concurrence claims Apple illegally prevented its Apple Premium Resellers from competing on price, subjecting the French channel to “unfair and unfavourable commercial conditions”

    Fined by a Gov’t that sets Minimum Prices that products can be sold for and Apple allegedly did same

  5. If we’re going to Shakespeare, maybe we should read him some Hamlet.

    “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

  6. “Dick” Murphy and the donkey were having such fun DP’ing Diane but then, after coating her stupendous jugs, he had to pull the donkey out of her. No wonder he is tired

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