This is difficult if not illegal

Son of Barclay twins agrees deal to sell Ritz despite family warfare

OK, yes, headlines, compressed and all that.

But to be the son of both twins would be difficult – the twins are male – and, in most jurisdictions, the effort required for opposite sex twins to have a child would be illegal.

A son of one of the twins, yes, but not perhaps as written…..

4 thoughts on “This is difficult if not illegal”

  1. Headlines reminded me how they still are bearable in the UK compared to Finland, where they have a very irritating style. Headline needs to tell a story, for instance “Lisa worked as a CEO in a listed company, now she picks coffee in the tropics and is happy”, or “Harry used to shoot heroin on the streets, now he works as a psychologist and tells what life’s secret is”. Headlines need to tell a story and a survival tale. Also, experts are everywhere. “An expert tells how you have been frying eggs wrong all your life”.

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