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Truthdig (who they? – Ed) is now on “hiatus” as a result of a stroke and what looks like a lock out. Eliciting this:

In a third statement penned by the Truthdig staffers who were terminated, staff reiterated an unfortunate truth in media — namely, that the owners and managers of publications aren’t always aligned with the publication’s values.

Erm, who is it that defines the values if it isn’t the owners and or managers?

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  1. A bit like the staff at Hachette who didn’t approve of Woody Allen’s memoirs, or the staff at Equity who disapproved of Laurence Fox. The sort of staff who need to be purged with lengthy drafts of Andrews over many days

  2. Aaaahhh… Seems like the rag had two “co-owners” , one with the $$, and the other with the Ideals being chief editor. And they had a bit of a power struggle it seems, where the one with the $$ won…

    So dearies, you backed the wrong side, even to the point of going “on strike” and lost.
    Now guess what happens when you piss off the “silent partner” and main investor who pays for your hobby? Especially a female investor? Hell hath etc…

  3. Socialist publication proves to be capitalist in extremity.

    The publisher, like 99% of American lefties, seems to be a child of vast inherited wealth, while the editor is a standard issue coastal lefty.

    Confusion to them all!

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Who is it that defines the values if it isn’t the owners and or managers?

    For commercially succesful media businesses, it’s probably the readership?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Heart of stone time:

    Salon has spoken to former staffers who are disturbed by how the left-wing publication, which reported on labor and social justice issues, spontaneously laid off staff amid a strike which staffers said they hoped would have been short-lived once their modest demands were met. Among the demands were annual performance reviews, scheduled pay increases, four month’s paid parental leave, and compensation for the company’s health insurance plan. The National Labor Relations Board protects the right of workers to strike; employers are prohibited from firing employees for exercising this right. The employees weren’t offered severance packages.

  6. “I am proud of what Truthdig has accomplished. Truthdig has received wide acclaim and many awards. We are a voice for progressive politics, social justice, humanitarian issues, the environment, women’s rights and more. ” Zuade Kaufman Publisher and CEO.

    It’s not as if the media wasn’t already infested with similar publications/websites so it won’t be missed.

  7. Newspaper Watch

    Mail on Sunday Comment

    Very polite, but message to Boris:
    “Tell the police, councils, jobsworths to back off and as for the Informants: shut up and stop being sh1ts”

    Peter Hitchens spot on

    IDS: “All issues can and will be discussed, except for one, it seems – our future relationship with China.

    Spot on, especially about China suppressing CV-19

  8. Fools cheering for their own imprisonment – and calling Boris timid – risk unleashing forces deadlier than the virus

    …This is the point we have reached. Or been stampeded to. A moment in our history where reticence at turning one of the world’s leading democracies into a police state is derided as confused flippancy

    Anyone who sat through Boris’s announcement of a UK-wide ‘lockdown’ on Monday evening will have seen his critics are absolutely right. Each word he uttered did indeed cut across every fibre of his being.

    And thank God for that. Thank God we do have a Prime Minister who agonises before locking his people into their own homes…

    imo the mass closures and lockdowns are way OTT. CV-[20]19 has been present here and in USA since at least December 2019. If it was as infectious and deadly as now claimed, there’d be millions dead across world. Yet deaths <300,000 world wide

    UK ONS stats show no increase in mortality in each week from November to date. USA same

    – Snigger

    The US will Not pay for Harry and Meghan’s security in Los Angeles, says Donald Trump and insists ‘they must pay!’

    – In a tweet on Sunday, the president said the US will not pay for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s security protection
    – The couple and 10-month-old Archie made a last minute dash across the border from Canada to the US last week to start their new life in Los Angeles
    – Trump has final say over whether Meghan and Harry can have diplomatic protection in the US
    – That’s because Harry will no longer be classed as an ‘international protected person’ when he completes the final phase of Megxit next week
    – The president’s announcement that he will not pay for their security protection renews questions about who will foot the bill for their new Hollywood lifestyles
    The British Metropolitan Police is still responsible for their security and it is understood will still provide their own protection officers in the US

    MPS must be stood down. H&M chose to abdicate, no longer our responsibility to pay for their PerSec

  9. Pcar – CV-[20]19 has been present here and in USA since at least December 2019

    I think you’re right. I had the flu in January, worst once since I got the Swine Flu 10 years ago. Horrible dry cough and lungs were a state, it took two rounds of antibiotics to shift the chest infection.

    I thought it might be Chinee Flu then, because I’m around Chinapeople a lot. Nobody else in my household got it, thank God. I avoided the family as much as possible and obsessively washed my hands before touching anything.

    Doctors are now saying the vast majority of Chinese Virus 19 transmissions are via touch, doesn’t seem to be that infectious via the air.

    We need mass testing for antibodies asap – might find that a surprising number of Brits have already had it without even realising it.

    Might also be part of the exit strategy from this lockdown bullshit if we can get the tests in time – assuming you probably won’t get Kung Flu twice (?) it should be pretty easy to check if you’re at high, low or zero risk and act accordingly.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Edward Lud

    Has your brother has recovered?

    Thanks for asking. He was moved from ICU to high dependency yesterday morning but had to be moved back because he was struggling to breathe on his own. Doctors say it was just precautionary.

    Of equal concern is his mental health, nurses report him being subdued, which is’t like him. I suppose not getting visitors and having all those other patients around doesn’t help, especially if there’s a high mortality rate.

    Difficult times all round.

  11. @Steve

    “We need mass testing for antibodies asap – might find that a surprising number of Brits have already had it without even realising it.”

    Agree. They could all go back to work too

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