This should strike fear into some

As analysts debunk the myth of the black voter monolith, some black Republicans are stepping forward to counter stereotypes and assert a political identity very different from the usual assumption that all black Americans are Democrats, especially in the era of Donald Trump.

As with the Red Wall in the UK – that product of the assumption that the Northern working classes were Labour’s whatever stupidities the metropolitan party decided to adopt – the idea that the Republicans bite off a chunk of the black vote should have Democrats reaching for the wet wipes.

For Blacks have been a reliable voting block for the Ds. And yet in many areas – not being too keen on the gay stuff as Mayor Pete found out, another area being significant and pretty fundamentalist religious belief at times – blacks aren’t quite in accord with current D obsessions.

The break up of that voting block would indeed hugely change US politics. For the better of course – being ignored because your vote is known isn’t good for anyone.

14 thoughts on “This should strike fear into some”

  1. Step 1 -Grrr I hate all those brown people coming over here
    Step 2 – God I hate being called a nasty old bigot by people who went to university
    Step 3- Actually …I`m not a racist , I disapprove of their poor attitude to women gays and their own racist intolerance
    Step 4-Hmmm….racist medieval attitudes ….hate feminism …small business ….hmmm
    Step 5- Quick…. stick a few brownies in the cabinet …they will vote for us.

    Incidentally what people seem to have forgotten is that in each re wall seat whilst the Conservative Party scooped up a, few points of the Alf Garnett/ BNP vote the overwhelming majority of Conservative voters also voted for John Major and David Cameron. How long ordinary moderate Conservatives will put up with National Socialism will depend on how long it takes to reform an opposition.

  2. Aha yes Tim, if the D’s can find another Barrack it shouldn’t be so much of a problem though. What absolutely mystifies me is that in a big 350m plus country where you have to stand for election for everything – police commisioner, District Attorney, Judge, school board, prom queen, Mayor, state rep,senator, federal rep, senator why is there such a dearth of candidates for president. I’d have thought they’d be able to find another Barrack who straddles the metro liberal and black church blocs, in fairly short order. It’s a little bit of sweeping the issue under the carpet, but you know it’d probably work for 4 or 8 years.

  3. Newmania: when all you have is a hammer, hit yourself over the fucking head with it, and give the rest of us some peace from your evidence-free monomania.

  4. The problem with that analysis is that it has been wrong before.

    Bush Republicans were convinced they were going to get a slew of Lationos. Didn’t happen. And Republicans have on various occasions described how they were just about to break the Democrats lock on blacks, starting with them supposedly being grateful enough to give them their votes for not being the party of Southern Democrats and Jim Crow. Didn’t, and won’t, happen

  5. I’m registered as an independent (being in a pox on both their houses mood), so my California primary ballot did not list any presidential candidates. However, there were about 50 people running in total on various ballots. There’s always a ton of presidential candidates on the ballot, most of whom you’ve never heard of. It appears politics is not a calling that attracts the best and brightest.,_2020

    About 11% of black men voted for Trump and about 4% of black women, averaging out to 8%. Now black unemployment is at record low levels. Many of those black women likely have husbands who are now better employed than they were four years ago. Also, blacks have been moving out of blue states for years as housing costs and company relocations have diminished opportunities for everyone except star programmers, hedge fund managers and some lawyers.

    While no one thinks blacks will make a substantial shift toward Republicans, a more interesting question is how big a nibble can the Republicans take before the Dems are in serious trouble? The black vote appears to have put a halt to Bernie’s ambitions. As minorities become more and more a portion of the population, how will they change the parties? They seem to be demonstrating that they don’t intend to sit and worship at the feet of old white hippies?

    Jim Crow laws, by the way, are northern in origin. You’ll find reference to them in the antebellum north in the writings of Frederick Douglass, for example.

  6. Interestingly, the Libertarians drew a pretty strong vote in 2016 vs earlier years

    2004 397K 0.3%
    2008 524K 0.4%
    2012 1.3M 1.0%
    2016 4.5M 3.3%

    The Libertarian vote (I voted Libertarian though the candidate wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed), but those 4.5M votes were greater than Hillary Clinton’s 3M margin over Trump. Had Trump not been such a dick he might have garnered a good portion of those.

  7. The demographic the Democrats truly fear losing are Jews, they contribute an awful lot of money to the party. One of the reasons why the slap down those Islamist lunatic Dems every time they pipe up over Israel.

  8. @TD

    And that also explains why the “Hillary would have won without the electoral college” argument is horsefeathers. Setting aside for the moment that a direct election would have meant different campaigns, and might well have affected the propensity to vote in states where the electoral college seats are a foregone conclusion – any direct presidential election requires either some sort of transferable vote system or a run-off if no candidate polls >50% (to avoid the risk of the outcome being decided by which third party candidates run). In either case, I’m sure most of those Libertarian votes would have gone to Trump, who would still have won.

  9. ‘analysts debunk the myth of the black voter monolith’

    They put the ‘anal’ in analysts.

    The black voter monolith has existed for most of my life. The Guardian can’t vanish it.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    This Speccie podcast is worth a listen to get an insight in to the changing perspective of black voters:

    With Deroy Murdock, a Fox News contributor and contributing editor of the National Review online.

    There’s a lot of disillusion after Obama and Trump has been quietly working away at the black vote.

  11. @TD

    There’s also those, inc blacks, who say “I’m not voting Rep, but I won’t vote for Creep Joe & Hellary” and stay home

    That’s why Major lost. Boris won as Brexit Party tempted enough Labour away who didn’t want to hold nose and vote Lab

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