This’ll help, yea ,

“This is a case for a nationalization, literally a nationalization, of crucial factories and industries that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need,” de Blasio told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Saturday


The following day, de Blasio reiterated this message, telling CNN that “the federal government needs to take over the supply chain right now.”

Even in the depths of WWII it was still GM running the GM factories that made tanks. It being one of those human experience pieces of knowledge that leaving factories to be run by those who know how to run factories – rather than, say, those who know how to deny food stamps – works better than alternative management methods.

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  1. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Bill de Blasio exists only to remind ‘Merica’s flyover territory that New Yorkers are bigger assholes than we give them credit for being.

  2. While I can’t recall the source, I read that the NAZI’s initially attempted to take over German factories, but quickly found that did not work & left the private owners in charge; however, they did set harsh regulations on production, e.g. who they could sell to & more. Any of you Brits & EU’s know more?

  3. In Arthur Herman’s excellent book “Freedom’s Forge” he describes how the US became the arsenal of democracy in WW2.
    At the start of the re-armament, FDR is puzzled just how reluctant big business is to bid for even quite simple contracts (rifles, for example) and how long everything takes.
    It is slowly explained to him that 10 years of his socialist “New Deal” regulation has made rapid change impossible, and businesses are in fear of the law if they do what the military want.
    Eventually, much of the New Deal lawfare was removed to enable the business to grow, invest and change.

    Ayn Rand wasn’t making it up.

  4. What’ll actually do this is the little platoons, the small boats, and maybe a few men at the ministry talking to them.

    A few guys at a factory in Italy got in touch with the local hospital about 3d printing spare parts for respirators. There’s a software project in New York with volunteers. I guarantee there are engineers and managers meeting after work in pubs with badly drawn diagrams about how they can solve this problem.

    Then you need some guys at the ministry to filter out the good from bad and fund the right people.

  5. You were doing so well until the last sentence, BoM4!

    “Guys at the ministry” makes me think of the Microsoft Word helpful staple :

    “It looks like you’re writing a letter. Would you like me to:
    a) Switch language to Mandarin;

    b) F*ck it up completely, or;

    c) Just piss off?”

  6. Rowdy,

    I’d definitely rather keep them out of it, but disease control is one of those government things.

  7. I recall reading of the experiences of a young Russian woman following the revolution, sent out of the city and told to instruct a group of young people about using and maintaining tractors. Protesting that she’d absolutely no knowledge of tractors was not an acceptable response.

  8. Communists,fascists,socialists,climate creeps,feminazis,euro-federalists,pandemic obsessives — all (and more) never miss a chance to exploit a crisis to advance their spurious and misconceived goals.

  9. Government policies have driven manufacturing off shore.

    De Blasio will complete the process, getting them to move their company off shore, too.

  10. @Tim W

    Spot on, UK & USA didn’t nationalise in WWII

    Spitfires, Lancasters, Churchills, Jeeps, Shermans, Liberty ships all built by private sector

    @tex March 16, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Yes and that’s the main difference between the two socialist ideologies: fascism & communism. China is now, imo, a fascist state

  11. bollocks. That link doesn’t allow you to see the whole thing.

    Google “economic controls in nazi germany CQR”

  12. The Nazis and East Germans were retarded, but at least they had Germans to work with, so they could muddle through and somehow produce stuff that worked. The GDR even had its own computer industry by the time the curtain fell. Teutonic autism has its uses.

    New York has, eh… diversity.

  13. @tex

    It’s more along the lines of the Nazis making a couple of Examples, then ensured the Management were either party members/sympathisers, or sufficiently impressed by the “Or Else” option they obviously could and would employ.
    Add a “quality management” officer/department with the power to bring down the “Or Else” and the job is basically done.

    Then bring in the forced labour crews to ramp things up to full-time operation where possible.

    Quite a lot of Resistance came from within the “Arbeitseinsatz” with people doing as shoddy a job as they could get away with under the circumstances and not experience acute lead poisoning.
    A confirmed example is where peeps were put to work as engravers of the ballistic aiming discs on field guns. They were taught to replicate a master disc exactly. ( with enough Or Else added to ensure compliance..) Then “informally” taught how to introduce just enough Human Error randomly enough that the discs would pass inspection, but would (along with other components made in that factory complex) add a couple % inaccuracy in the field.
    Nothing an experienced gunner couldn’t cope with eventually. But even one of those would need a couple of shots to compensate for it. And the time to do it in… And as the war progressed the number of experienced gunners dried up rather rapidly..

  14. As he’s said that he’s not well, some might ascribe this sort of bollocks to a fevered mind. But we all have seen that this is exactly the normal “seize the levers of control” rubbish that he spews when he isn’t under the weather.

  15. It doesn’t matter what the emergency. Flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, or viruses, there will always be those who leap at the opportunity to proclaim that this means society is a failure and they need to be put in charge – FOREVER. They’ll make this argument even for rainy weekends or if your favorite team loses. What is scary is that they get a bit of attention during disasters – people might perk up and hear what they have to say whereas usually they are widely tuned out. Then they are encouraged to say more. Think of how many votes Sanders might have received if SuperTuesday was tomorrow.

    In the words of Hunter Thompson, when the going gets weird the weird turn pro. And they want to be put in full charge – FOREVER.

  16. Some Sense: Steve Hilton
    On coronavirus: One question, two big recommendations for Trump admin
    “As the world face the COVID-19 pandemic, there seems to be a curious divergence between the real world and the people on TV”

    How bureaucratic bungling delayed coronavirus testing in the US

    Steve Hilton, your recommendations of what Trump should do IS what he is already doing. You should keep up on the news. Trump is already partnering with the private sector

    Some Nonsense: Kerry Waters – useful idiot
    Coronavirus: Nick Ferrari schools protester who says UK should be in lockdown
    “A group of protesters sat in hazmat suits outside Downing Street to protest against the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis, but their argument fell apart on questioning from Nick Ferrari.

    The group, entitled Pause The System, wore full hazmat [Err, No they are painter/decorator/plod paper disposable] suits and facemasks to sit outside Downing Street, demanding that Boris Johnson copies the actions from the rest of the world and puts the UK into lockdown.

    Nick spoke to spokesperson Kerry Waters, but when she insisted the government were not doing enough, she struggled to justify how a lockdown would work”

    Kerry Waters: another naive middle class useful idiot for CMs and Stalinists. It’s a peculiar inversion of the leftist ideology now isn’t it – very interesting how the ones who used to witter on about open borders and free movement of people are now criticising the government for not closing the borders and putting us into lockdown. Similar to Guardian Republicans supporting funding hated Royals when they’re H&M

  17. Decisive Trump quells the panic, defeatist Johnson ramps it up

    Unlike the positive, front-foot Americans, the British political elite fails to see itself as it is – totally lacking in self awareness yet so sure of its own moral (woke) superiority. Come a crisis, their solution is to search for impossible answers – as the Spectator reports – dealing in risk-aversion and negatives rather than in action and doing something positive. By contrast with our American and Commonwealth cousins in Australia, there’s a terrible tendency here to complicate rather than to simplify.
    And that, I suspect, is why Trump is loathed by so many here. He unnerves those who’ve become inured to the ‘modern’ (Blair onwards) managerial technocratic, process-driven approach to government. This is bad news normally but in a crisis it is a disaster. Trump is a doer, an action hero. He cuts through. He is decisive. He follows the principle that it is better to do something than nothing: you can always change direction in the air, but not if you never had lift-off in the first place.
    And that is how our government’s response feels, rightly or wrongly: no lift-off yet. That, since it’s all too complicated to compute or predict (and there are plenty of experts in that) we’re just better letting the enemy virus take its course and accept the consequences

    Reluctantly I must agree. BoJo has let us down on Brexit, Tax, Spending, HS2, LHR, Woke and now CV19

    On CV19, I agree with BoJo’s “Don’t panic, don’t close”, but not with open border and defeatist ‘expect your parents to die’

    btw USA FDA OKd experimental use of IV anti-viral drug on terminal CV-19 patients, cured so far. But now FDA wants full test protocol

    – School closures would cause major ‘harm and disruption’ for families

    Which is why NHS say “Don’t Panic and close schools”

    – Coronavirus Cover-up: How China buried the deadly truth
    The Chinese government jailed those who warned Wuhan residents about coronavirus weeks before it became a deadly global pandemic

    Hmm, in EU, UK and USA peeps are jailed for speaking truth too, especially if it’s about RoPs

  18. The stuff is less dangerous than flu. Christ -the common cold kills an average 4500 Americans in an average year.

    The test is shite with a massive –47% I have seen quoted–false positives level . And is abandoned as soon as medical chumps claim they have “enough” cases. Everybody with the slightest sniffle is then cast in as coro-fodder.

    Both Chjina and N Italy have a shed-load of reasons to have more cases–hot spots.

    Given that their economic antics are likely to bring on the long awaited “crash” we need to be lining the cor-panic crew up for trial alongside remainiacs and leftist scum.

  19. Itz them bankers innit? The market collapse was sure to happen but now they’ve got a virus to blame for it and so they expect to ‘scape a whipping.

    Dear Guardian editor, will this do?

  20. rather than, say, those who know how to deny food stamps

    No one in government knows how to deny foodstamps – that’s the problem.

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