Today’s Sagacity

Apparently, a business accepting a government loan is agreeing that it is insolvent and therefore it must shut down now.

And yet there is a solution!

I could draft that in a morning,

Who else would like the Sage of Ely to reformulate the British economy on the back of a fag packet?

6 thoughts on “Today’s Sagacity”

  1. A business accepting a loan could want some money to expand: that is how most solvent businesses fund their expansion [yes, a minority can do it purely out of cash flow but virtually no-one can grow from one shop/lorry to two shops/lorries simply from the surplus cash generated by the first].

    Murphy is clearly ill

  2. Since Governments are basically forcing certain businesses not to trade, of course they are technically insolvent. So loans from Government are the very least they could do to prevent mass unemployment. We do not need any help from the people of Ely. He should stay faithful to his donkey rather than whoring himself out all over town

  3. I swear to Allah, I am so fucking bored of this crisis.

    I was led to believe that the end of the world would be an exciting, dramatical event like in Armageddon or Shaun of the Dead. This is as tedious as a Ken Loach movie marathon interspersed with adverts for funeral planning.

  4. @Steve:

    “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.”

    And a hacking cough.

  5. On a plus side the Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled
    Apparently UK entry was called My Last Breath

  6. «Apparently, a business accepting a government loan is agreeing that it is insolvent and therefore it must shut down now.»

    Private lenders would be eager to lend to a solvent business, one that had mode provisions against risk like an ant for winter, from insurance to building up reserves. If a business has instead been run by grasshopper-executives focusing on high living in summer like conditions, why should ant-taxpayers be left to bail out the grasshopper-executives for effectively free?

    Workhouses for the poor who behave like grasshoppers and free loans for rich who also behave like grasshoppers?

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