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Umm, might be time for a new kitchen floor then?

When I crawled from my pit this morning to put the kettle on, the kitchen temperature read 10.6°C. You come for my wood stove on pain of death. Mine! Truth to tell I haven’t a problem with cold, so much as the ankle-deep mud and pools of water, the fallen trees and crater-like potholes.

3 thoughts on “Umm, might be time for a new kitchen floor then?”

  1. ‘I have been used to having my own way for years and am well angry that the new government intends to govern rather than be governed’ – top civil servant in the Home Office, Sir Philip Rutnam, quits and says he intends to sue the government for doing their job.

    Why are these deep state swamp-dwelling Sir Moaners given a title and a gold-plated final salary pension for just doing their job?

  2. Of course Rutnam as a senior civil servant would know all about bullying having encouraged and condoned bullying of the lower ranked members of staff, by successive layers of management. Shit flows downhill. He’s a cunt.

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