Umm, yeah

That’s a red card, yeah.

It’s not just handbags.

19 thoughts on “Umm, yeah”

  1. Done, although there is a bit of me which would like her stay on our screens and continue to add to the damage she is doing – a bit like, Abbott, Starmer, Lammy, Corbyn, Owen Jones and Sharmi…….etc.

  2. Clear red card. Meanwhile I would have thought Tuilagi would have been upset if his try-saving tackle had resulted in a penalty.

    Still, England held on for the win. The only result of the year that really matters.

  3. In truth I think it unlikely that the EUBBC will can the evil bitch. Which is a double victory for us in terms of bad publicity for both of them.

    Worth a try tho’.

  4. How much money did BT waste on that ugly new logo though? The lava lamp was cheerful and distinctive, the new one looks like a budget brand of toilet cleaner.

  5. Glad you tipped me off to those so-obvious truths Mr Lud. I would never have guessed in a million years that the scummy left importing trouble and voters were completely innocent.

  6. Wikipedia’s great replacement page linked by Lud is interesting in it’s approach. It explains the idea, it poo-poos the idea, but it never quite manages to disprove that which is merely the evidence of our eyes and ears, nor explain just how many people seem to be far-right extremists. Just how many may be extemists before their beliefs are usual enough to be mainstream?

  7. Talking of which, try buying a copy of Camp of the Saints. Gwon. Try it.

    Wiki’s take on it’s a blast, too.

  8. “Stuart McInally showed a poacher’s instinct to score later …”

    In my best game for my school the reporter for the local rag confined himself to the remark that “in the second half Dearieme scored two opportunist tries”. Bastard!

  9. Good fist, nice straight wrist, gets round his opponents guard but it’s a bit of a bastard punch. Weak effort.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Bloke in Wakes,

    World Rugby says that if there aren’t any arms involved it isn’t a tackle so the fact that North was going down after Slade’s tackle isn’t a mitigating circumstance.

  11. @Addolff March 9, 2020 at 12:51 pm

    The problem with Sarkar is
    – she’s young and attractive
    – thus given too much airtime on TV
    – leading to many young supporting her views

    “add to the damage” – the Party itself
    – Trevor Phillips suspended for ‘Islamophobia’ after he voiced concerns about Asian grooming gangs

    – In defence of Trevor Phillips
    Labour’s expulsion of Phillips reveals a cult-like party on the verge of total irrelevance


    msm say Majority are ‘far-right extremists’ in Brazil following lat Presidential election

  12. Also very pleased with Scotland’s win. First of all, because France lost, secondly because it is good for the 6 Nations for Scotland to win from time to time, and thirdly, because France lost.

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