Unherd would seem to need subeditors

Presented as a race-reversal work, it is set in Britain at a time when Africa has colonised Europe, where politicians are in hoc to African leaders and where,

Tsk – in hock…

8 thoughts on “Unherd would seem to need subeditors”

  1. Sounds like the society depicted in the show is a racist’s dream, with blacks ruling the loathsome white subhumans as God intended.

    As unherd points out, this is precisely as Enoch Powell predicted.

  2. Alf Dubbswitzberg lives in the Lake District

    it is set in Britain at a time when Africa has colonised Europe

    That’s hardly a race-reversal given how Africans (and Asians, Europeans and South Americans) are in the process of colonising Europe as we speak.

    The irony of the whole book/series is that it’s not a fantastical utopia/dystopia; rather it mirrors current reality and presages things to come.

    What we need is for the BBC to commission a proper fantasy race-reversal: Jews, instead of being the poor persecuted souls that they are in reality, control the media, film and programme production, as well as finance and banking. They are over-represented by a factor of ten in both houses of parliament and on TV. We could call it something like “The Goybenders” or “Evil Nazi Whites”. The series would serve as a demonstration of the virulent and latent anti-Semitism into which every Gentile raised from birth and generate substantial sympathy for this poor persecuted minority.

  3. I thought the programme was very imaginative and clever.
    Looking at the way empires oppress their conquered peoples. I am a big fan of this show.
    It shows the evils of Empire.
    Imagine how Hellish it must have been for native Africans, Indians, and Aborigines to see their people killed in genocide and famine by the British Empire.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Just got round to reading it and realised it was Douglas Murray. I’d be surprised if he made that mistake so maybe a sub “corrected” him?

  5. ‘it is set in Britain at a time when Africa has colonised Europe’

    Racist stereotyping. Why assume “blacks?” Why not Berbers? Egyptians?

    I haven’t seen the show. Is the theory blacks and whites are just the same, except for their skin color? That there is no cultural difference?

    I assume this is BBC woke stupidity.

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