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Prince Harry likely to be given diplomatic status in the United States to help him get a green card easily, expert claims


The Duke of Sussex is likely to be given diplomatic status in the United States to help him get a green card easily, an expert has claimed.

Matteo Carrera, an immigration law researcher for Cardozo Law School in New York, said settling Prince Harry’s visa situation would not be difficult.

Given his wealth and status he would probably be classified as a British diplomat, entering the US on an A1 Visa.

Mr Carrera said: “With this he would have been able to enter the US and then adjust his status to a green card.”

Someone, somewhere, has got terribly confused here. Or isn’t all that expert.

Diplomatic visas don’t aid in gaining settled status. Everyone’s quite clear about that. As someone who has had a diplo visa for the US they were very clear about it to me too.

Secondly, on an A1, he can’t work. Which would be something of a constraint really, as that’s why he’s there.

Thirdly, he’s married to an American citizen which gives him the route to a green card he needs.

According to the US state department A1 visas are for diplomats and government officials. If he was not given an A1 visa the Duke could have entered the US on a simple tourist visa, and then apply for a green card, allowing him to become a permanent resident and work….

And they’re really not keen on you changing visa status while in the country. And they really, really, don’t like you entering on a tourist visa (for Brits, usually tourist visa waiver scheme) and then trying to change status.

Now admittedly, I’m not an expert on American visas, just someone with an intimate knowledge of the little bits that have applied to me. But this really doesn’t sound like someone expert to me.

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  1. they’re really not keen on you changing visa status while in the country

    That’s certainly right. A friend of mine went to work in our US office on secondment, fell in love with a US woman and went for his green card, but had to leave the country (nipped over the border into Mexico and the nearest US consulate) in order to be able to actually get the green card.

  2. The diplomatic status is more likely be to connected to being given protection by the US Secret Service.

    It is also possible to get a Green Card as a retired person by investing $1 million in an approved venture capital fund, or $500 000 for higher risk fund for use by US businesses for start-up or expansion.

    Entitlement by marriage aside, Harry Bear Of Little Brain should have the cash enough or certainly ‘pops’ could give it to him to qualify to get residency as a retired Prince of the Realm.

  3. The border thing is common, in Canada I had to cross the border and comeback to switch my
    Visa to permanent residence. Same as all the paperwork for residence and later citizenship had to be sent to a Canadian embassy across the Border.
    The leaving and coming back thing It’s called flag poling as you let the border guys know and you drove thorough turn around at the flagpole and drive back.

  4. Snigger

    The US will Not pay for Harry and Meghan’s security in Los Angeles, says Donald Trump and insists ‘they must pay!’

    – In a tweet on Sunday, the president said the US will not pay for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s security protection
    – The couple and 10-month-old Archie made a last minute dash across the border from Canada to the US last week to start their new life in Los Angeles
    – Trump has final say over whether Meghan and Harry can have diplomatic protection in the US
    – That’s because Harry will no longer be classed as an ‘international protected person’ when he completes the final phase of Megxit next week
    – The president’s announcement that he will not pay for their security protection renews questions about who will foot the bill for their new Hollywood lifestyles
    The British Metropolitan Police is still responsible for their security and it is understood will still provide their own protection officers in the US

    MPS must be stood down. H&M chose to abdicate, no longer our responsibility to pay for their PerSec

  5. Agree about the MPS standing down but the truly delicious bit is that once he’s no longer an IPP it appears even if Charlie pays for the Met to send its protection officers they will not be able to bear arms as U.K. officers are only allowed on reciprocal agreement for IPPs. Shit on their own nest they have

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