Well, yes, quite so

Second, as I have said to almost every person who has asked, we simply do not know answers as yet so I am little more informed than most people are.

And yet the Spudmeister still has a plan for what everyone must do…..

8 thoughts on “Well, yes, quite so”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    What makes him think he’s more informed than most people, apart from his ego? It doesn’t flow from that statement.

  2. BiND, yes, I noticed that; he’s still claiming to be a “little more informed” than the rest of us.

  3. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    It’s Spud’s version of humblebrag.

    “Yes, yes, I am the most humble person on the planet and I don’t need to be on account of how learned and insightful I am… And don’t let the fact that I’m blogging in my pajamas from the spare bedroom in my modest home in Ely fool you, I’m one of the smart ones.”

  4. Who the fuck has been asking him anything, other than ‘Why don’t you shut the fuck up and go away?’?

  5. Dennis, A Wog Or Not A Wog... That Is The Question

    Who the fuck has been asking him anything, other than ‘Why don’t you shut the fuck up and go away?’?

    Why drag his family into this?

  6. Imagine if you had to self-isolate with Murphy for 3 weeks. Christ, acute leprosy coupled with cock-rot would be more appealing.

  7. Good News, How lovely (even better, This will anger Rithie)

    Coronavirus Has Killed the EU Dream

    EU is dead, no European leader evoked the EU when addressing their nations. They all evoked their nation’s history. Merkel evoked WWII for crying out loud and not the Treaty of Rome

    “Hug a Chinese person to hide your racism”
    “Oops, I’ve just killed Grandpa”
    “It’s alright he was a Fascist”

    Italy can’t burn the bodies fast enough, to which Germany has nothing to say

    The British Association of Otorhinolaryngology: “Loss of sense of smell could be a symptom of coronavirus”
    Greta Thunberg: “I can no longer smell the carbon dioxide”

    UK Mosques say F U and stay open regardless

    “As it turns out, diversity is no one’s strength. When this is all over, send each and every one of them and their offspring packing back to their s-hole countries”

    In other news ISIS tells Jihadis not to travel to Europe: might catch CV-19 and die – err, umm

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