You know the drill now, report for your beating

Homelesses charity accuses Len McCluskey of putting lives at risk with strike


Even if they’d got the apostrophe in there it’s still very clunky.

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  1. The Meissen Bison


    Amusingly the same mistake occurs in both the headline and the opening sentence. If the rest of the article is accurate, then St Mungo’s spends £40k p.a. on each of the homeless people it gives a bed to and that seems like a lot.

  2. Also “who has headed up St Mungo’s 2014”. I think I object less to the omitted ‘since’ than to the sub-American “headed up”

  3. @TMB The St Mungo’s website suggests the estimate of the spectacular cost of its services is about right.

    You’ll also be pleased to learn that the UK taxpayer is on the hook for £30m of St Mungo’s funding this (financial) year and £45m next.

    St Mungo’s quotes government figures which show around 4,700 sleeping rough on average in 2018. I wonder what the total amount spent on these people was, when state and charitable funds are taken into account?

    The report also mentions that only 2/3 of rough sleepers were UK nationals. Perhaps the state handout to St Mungo’s could be better spent on significantly reducing rough sleeping by deporting foreigners?

  4. @MC And there’s me thinking that with over 100 locations which must, incidentally, at least be equipped to health & safety standards for public venues, plus whatever is needed for specific purposes/special care , plus staffed with qualified and certified personnel, plus maintenance, management, operating costs ( including local taxes…) they’re doing pretty well for 30 million a year… Especially when quite a few of the locations are in (central) London, not the cheapest of places….

    But hey… Homeless care is an open market.. If you think you can do better there’s no doubt a place or two you can start…

  5. The Meissen Bison


    That £30M would be the taxpayers’ contribution. The Telegraph has a total of £112M. Homeless care may well be an open market but there is also a huge pool of people who would be prepared to put in a fair bit of sleep for a £40k salary.

  6. @ MB Ah, but by your reasoning the salary of every employee of every company in existence should be gross turnover / #employees, innit? Funny how it doesn’t work that way… You sure you haven’t caught Potato-related brain rot?

    Now, next you’ll realise that if something like st’ Mungo’s is actually doing its job and does repatriate a significant fraction of its beneficiaries, it’ll cost even more taxes, as people finding a home through that route simply progress from homeless benefits to full benefits, costing The Tax Payer even more!! And they take up valuable housing! And are still a burden on the Health Care system!
    Quick! Ship ’em off to Austral….errmm.. You lost that bit of real estate, haven’t you? [slow clap]

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