Young actress starts in a film

She’s called Bukky Bakray.

Amazingly, no, it’s not that sort of film. Although if it’s ever a hit, this film, and they therefore do the other version of it we know what the specialty of the other actress is going to be.

6 thoughts on “Young actress starts in a film”

  1. The film already looks like obscene Marxist drivel without any sex element Tim.

    Where I the distributor I would have made a second shorter film in black/white of seven girls being tortured, murdered (or being forced to witness such done to their loved ones)in Stalin’s Russia–or Mao’s China– and intercut this film –w’out the director’s knowledge of course–in between chunks of the first film. To contrast the lying leftist bullshit with the stark socialist reality.

    Got to be a Cannes entry that.

  2. £3m? Are you taking the piss? For a film with amateurs, shot on street locations? That’s more than the cost of both films in The Raid series, which includes martial arts, car chases, gun fights and ‘splosions.

    Funded by C4 and the BFI, so Uncle Milty’s worst way to spend money. Bet the director and producers took a nice fat salary.

    Seriously, there’s people in the USA making films like this for less than $50K.

  3. ‘A hit on the festival circuit’

    Don’t know what a ‘festival circuit’ is, but I assume it’s tangential.

    “If you can make there, you can make it anywhere.”

  4. Gamecock,

    Total BS as most of the festivals have been postponed. And even with festivals, minimal audiences of Guardian readers.

  5. ” The story focuses on Rocks, a British-Nigerian teenager played by Bukky Bakray,”

    British-Nigerian, ain’t no such thing; do they mean African?

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