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A media response

I indicated, vaguely you understand, that the latest tuberous tax plan might not be quite, exactly, what we desired as a society.

The senior bod at the newspaper I contacted said:

“…why don’t you contact him with your calculations? As an academic he ought to be interested in reasoned critiques of his work.”

That English humour can be so, so, dry at times.

9 thoughts on “A media response”

  1. I rather think any calculation that would require Spud to hit the buttons on the calculator in the correct order would rather be beyond his ken.

    And would probably come up with the correct numbers, which he wouldn’t agree with.

  2. The Pedant-General

    @Rob, the giveaway is “he ought to be interested …”

    He ought to be, but you can bet the bod knows fine well he isn’t. 🙂

  3. I had this exact same argument regarding Spud with the editor of AccountingWeb a few years back. He countered that although he didn’t agree with much of what Ritchie wrote his contributions on matters such as the extent of tax evasion and tax havens generated hot content and extended public and professional debate within the AccountingWeb community.

    Obviously I didn’t agree, but there you go…

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    John Galt,

    Isn’t that code for generating eyeballs and clicks and therefore loadsa advertising revenue?

    Nobody in the media cares about the quality of content anymore.

  5. Isn’t that code for generating eyeballs and clicks and therefore loadsa advertising revenue?

    I guess, but there is another aspect to the media thing, especially something as technical as AccountingWeb which is about shining a light on stupidity and bad practice.

    Lots of the guys there thought Spud was a monomaniac moron with an overinflated opinion of himself and said so quite clearly.

  6. Pro EU Media

    EU’s Barnier says latest post-Brexit talks with UK disappointing, “rowing back on deal with Boris”

    Barnier angry:
    – UK ‘claims to be a sovereign nation’ and refusing ‘level playing field’ demand
    – “The UK cannot refuse to extend the transition, whilst at the same time slow down discussions on important areas”

    Barnier: No-Deal Brexit if Britain does not want a deal on fisheries, let it be crystal clear

    Err, no Mr EU Media, this may look good & strong to you, but from here it’s petulance

    Certainty UK fishermen want is “We’re not in EU CFP”; what EU fishers want not our problem. We’ll still buy/sell fish in EU unless you prohibit. Fishing waters are UK’s.., no you can not have. Next question: if you want to walk you’re welcome

    Barmier : “Disappointing”
    Me: Splendid. Talks will continue from WTO terms

    Is it only me that always hears “We didn’t get what we want” when Barmier says “The UK is stalling in talks” or “Unsatisfactory progress”

    Boris, don’t back down, walk away from arrogant useless EU

    Ritchie: charge him with fraud & sedition and remand to Belmarsh RoP wing

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