Aren’t Public Health England going to be pissed at this?

The world’s second-biggest cigarette maker claims to have made a “significant breakthrough” in the race to find a vaccine for the coronavirus and would be ready to start mass production within three months.

British American Tobacco (BAT), the FTSE 100 company behind Lucky Strike and Dunhill, said it could be producing up to 3m million doses of a vaccine a week by June – far faster than rivals, which are expecting to take at least a year.

BAT intends to start trialling its vaccine in humans as soon as possible. It is running pre-clinical tests and holding urgent talks with US drug authorities to fast-track permissions.

The treatment is being developed by the company’s health division Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP), which has previously come up with a drug to combat Ebola. It claims to have found an antibody that appears to fight Covid-19, and is manufacturing this using genetically modified tobacco plants….

The very thought of it, that Big Tobacco might be of some use!

11 thoughts on “Ahahahahahaha”

  1. Combine that with the news I saw on Samizdata that the Israelis are close to a vaccine, and the socialist twats will have a choice:

    1) Support Big Tobacco
    2) Not boycott Israel
    3) Take their chances with the plague

    Sometimes I think there just might be a god 🙂

  2. We could suspend tax payments by the likes of BAT in recognition of their public contribution, to be funded/offset by the abolition of not fit for purpose public bodies like PHE, which look like their incompetence could end up costing us eye watering sums of money

  3. @Andrew M

    BAT kills Bat flu, love it. MSM will ignore same as ignoring UK F1 Project Pitlane


    PHE’s mission statement: “Ban everything people want or enjoy. Health? Irrelevant, puritanism rules”

  4. @RichardT

    Wouldn’t surprise me, small amount of nicotine kills many small things and, like caffeine, too much kills humans too.

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