That explains that then.

When the JC went bust and straight to liquidation I emailed a contact there thinking that this was all a bit sudden. To be told that they couldn’t possibly comment. That now makes sense.

7 thoughts on “Ahhhh”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    What about this, though? Should subs report for a beating?

    …the 179-year-old newspaper whose 15,000-a-week circulation belies its influence within the community

    The implication here is that the JC’s circulation is large but its influence is not whereas the opposite if probably the case with the paper’s influence larger than the circulation alone would suggest. Better than “belies” would be “understates”, “does not do justice to” or some other similar form of words.

  2. Now if the writer didn’t approach the article as a Novella, there might actually be something useful in the snippet you get to see when you don’t want that “free” subscription.

  3. Chris – perhaps you naturally have a feel for the context which may help to make the meaning clear.

    In normal usage one might expect something along the lines of “Professor Murphy’s latest blogpost belies his claim to academic respectability”.

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